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ACCORDING to astrologers some zodiac signs are more likely to be argumentative than others.

While some star signs will go to lengths to avoid confrontation, others will face it head on and in some cases do their best to even stir it up.


March 21 – Apr 19

Aries are ruled by Mars, the planet of war and passion, which is why those of this star sign are known to have a fiery and determined nature. 

If only the strong will of an Aries made them as successful in their relationships as it does in their careers. 

In work they like to complete tasks to a high standard and will stop at nothing to get it done.

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In relationshipsyou can expect much the same, however the Aries sets such a high bar on themselves and their partners which has a tendency to stir up conflict. 

The high expectations of Aries can often set their relationships back because their relentless pursuit for perfection tends to create a hostile environment and friction between them and their partner. 

The ram always like to be right, making them a likely sign to fuel heated arguments in relationships, and one thing you can be sure of with this sign, is that they will have the last word. 

Famous Aries celebs include, Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker and Paul Rudd.

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July 23 – Aug 22

Leo’s are ruled by the sun, making them fun, energetic and loyal individuals. 

The lions and lionesses are strong debaters so if you’re thinking of arguing with your Leo be prepared to lose. 

Members of this zodiac really back themselves to the end and will not allow their ego to be dented at any cost. 

These astrological divas never get tired of drama, in fact arguing is like a sport and one that they take very seriously. Arguing is an opportunity to compete and win and Leo’s thirst for victory makes them more concerned with being right than anything else. 

After an argument Leo’s tend to retreat. Their ego usually overrides their need for reconciliation. But if you can make Leo see that arguing is killing the fun in your relationship, you may be able to win them over. 

Famous celeb Leo’s include, Madonna and Shawn Mendes.


May 21 – June 21

Gemini are ruled by Mercury making them quick witted communicators. 

They are the social butterflies of the zodiacs, possessing much charisma which makes them very popular in their social lives. 

Despite being popular and having great communication skills, Gemini’s often feel misunderstood and can be unpredictable. 

The twins are known for being playful and taking pleasure in playing devil's advocate during debate. 

If you’re dating a Gemini expect the unexpected, because their mood can change in an instant and they do love a good old row to clear the air. 

Famous Gemini celebs are Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.


August 23 – September 22

Virgo’s are also ruled by Mercury which equips this sign with explosive communication skills however, their downfall is often their delivery which can be blunt.

Of the twelve zodiacs, Virgos are the private perfectionists and it’s their way or the highway in relationships.

This earth sign pays close attention to detail and thrives in an organised environment. 

So if you’re dating a Virgo you’re most likely to argue about the dishes or something else that might seem small to you, but to the meticulous Virgo it will be a big deal. 

The trick to neutralising an argument with a Virgo is to evidence your point then give them space to cool down. Because even though these signs are known to exhaust an argument they won't throw in the towel easily when it comes to a relationship. 

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Famous celeb Virgos are Beyonce and Idris Elba.

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