‘Russian Popeye’ facing 13 years in jail after stream breaks anti-LGBT laws

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    A bloke dubbed "the Russian Popeye" could be facing up to 13 years in jail for making adult content in a breach of LGBTQ laws in his home country.

    Beefed-up Kirill Tereshin has gained infamy for his altered appearance, but could now reportedly be facing time in the cage after streaming steamy footage with a pair of escorts. Army veteran Popeye, so-called for his astonishingly chunky biceps filled with oil that makes him look similar to the famous cartoon character is, according to Russian media, staring down the barrel of prison time in his home country after filming with two women.

    Footage of the trio’s time together shows them dancing together, with Tereshin at one point sitting with his head nestled in one of the women’s breasts. This, it has been reported, could be in breach of the country’s LGBTQ laws.

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    Local outlets reported that Vitaly Borodin, head of Russia’s Federal Project on Security and Anti-Corruption, has since reached out to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs regarding the stream.

    His demands were that Tereshin be checked on his suspected promotion of LGBTQ values and the propagandising of drugs, claiming he spoke about them during the stream. He also asked for an inquiry into his finances. The two women have been named in Russia as Tatyana Fogelman and Julia Moretti. Both are allegedly escorts.

    Tereshin has referred to himself in the past as a bodybuilder and influencer, with nearly 270,000 followers on Instagram to show for it. If found guilty he could face up to 13 years in the can.

    Recently, he took to Youtube to share his checklist for what he looks for in a lady in a bizarre, rambling video he posted to his channel, Bazooka Hands, titled, "Appeal To The Girls. What Appearance Criteria Do You Need To Have To Be With Me?". In the video, Kirill wears four watches and a t-shirt with a cartoon character on it.

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    In his nearly 20 minute rant which he starts by saying he is a "highly intelligent, incredibly successful and media savvy individual" and that there are "no individuals significantly superior" to him, the cosmetic addict goes on to announce that his body is in tip top shape. The ex-Russian army officer said: "I am grateful to God that my body is functioning perfectly without any known issues or limitation to the best of of my knowledge."

    Kirill's declaration comes after doctors warned the cosmetic surgery addict that his quest to get fake "Superman" muscles could kill him, with one doctor revealing the risk of complications in Kirill's case was "very high", Daily Star reported.

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