Jeff Stelling SLAMS Matt Le Tissier for 9/11 conspiracy post

Jeff Stelling SLAMS former colleague Matt Le Tissier after ex-Saints star shared 9/11 conspiracy post

  • The former Soccer Saturday colleagues clashed heads on social media 
  • Recently, Le Tissier has garnered a reputation for holding controversial views 
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Jeff Stelling has taken aim at his former Soccer Saturday colleague Matt Le Tissier after the latter shared a 9/11 conspiracy post onto his social media on Friday.

The former Southampton striker reposted a Twitter thread, which questioned the legitimacy of the disastrous event, onto his personal account.

Le Tissier’s former punditry partner, Stelling, quickly issued a response that read: ‘Yes Tiss total and absolute b*******’. The post was quickly deleted.

Stelling then followed up his initial response with a stand-alone post which read: ‘Sorry if there was any ambiguity. I disagree with Tiss 100 per cent’.

After Stelling’s reply, one user responded in favour of Le Tissier’s thread, to which the ex-Saints star said: ‘Thanks for the sane reading of the situation. Hear both sides of the story and make your own mind up’.

Jeff Stelling (left) and Matt Le Tissier (right) clashed on social media after the latter shared a conspiracy theory about 9/11

Le Tissier shared a thread which questioned the legitimacy of the tragic event but Stelling snapped back with his own response

The thread shared by Le Tissier comprised of 25 posts that suggested the tragic event was a ‘lie’.

Throughout the posts, questions were raised over the role of the US government, the abilities of the hijackers and the nature in which the buildings collapsed.

Last month, Le Tisser claimed that his family and close friends thought he had ‘mental health issues’ after his controversial views during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Southampton legend was an outspoken figure throughout the pandemic, regularly making headlines with his viewpoints on social media and in interviews. 

Among his claims were that PCR tests ‘were the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind’, dying Covid patients in Italy ‘were actors’ and that the government’s interference in people’s lives during lockdown was an ‘injustice’. 

In an interview with GB News, the 54-year-old admitted his views could have contributed to him being axed by Sky Sports, and that his family and close friends thought he had ‘gone a bit mad’. 

When asked if he has paid a price for his views he responded: ‘I guess the price people will probably point to is I lost my job. Sky may tell you something different.

‘They told me they just wanted to take the show in a different direction but they didn’t deny that it had something to do with my posts on social media. 

Stelling sent multiple posts onto his social media account to lambast the opinion of Le Tissier

Le Tissier claimed that his family thought he had ‘mental health issues’ following his controversial views during the coronavirus pandemic

‘So, possibly my job. I guess in the early days probably my family and close friends thought I’d gone a bit mad because I was kind of going against the narrative and they thought I had mental health issues, quite frankly.

‘I knew that I didn’t and thankfully I stuck to my guns and what’s transpired over the last two or three years – a lot of them have now come to realise that I wasn’t mad and that I was actually talking a lot of sense.

‘I wasn’t right about everything but I was right about a lot of things.’

Le Tissier has also said images of destruction in Ukraine were ‘falsified’ and reposted a Tweet claiming the media had ‘lied’ about a number of stories. 


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