Meet the ‘sexfluencers’ – Over-60s ‘enjoying showing off their golden years’

Influencers come in different shapes and sizes and promote a variety of brands and ideals.

Some promote small businesses whilst others use their platforms to promote charitable causes.

Some, however, aren’t influencers at all, but fall under the term “sexfluencer”, for some people these are defined as figures who open up discussions about sexuality and promote body positivity.

One group of sexfluencers, known as the Old Gays is a group of men in their 60s and 70s who are trying to open discussions about sexual health for people in their golden years.

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The group, which has around 11 million followers on TikTok, try to highlight how people can still have a healthy, safe, and happy sex life when they’re older.

The current members of the Old Gays are Robert, Michael, Jessay, Bill, and Joc.

Speaking about his experiences as an older man, Joc told Sky: “I wondered what it would be like when I got to this age, but it’s still pleasurable. Us old folks are working it.”

While the rest of the group are reportedly actively dating, only Jessay is looking for a relationship.

He said he was a “relationship person” and that to him it was “a wonderful thing”.

Fellow member Robert takes a different approach. He said: “Whenever I sense that someone is attracted to me and it could lead to something deeper, I find myself pushing them away because I am not looking for that at this point in my life.”

Some of the members have been surprised at the responses they get online with some of the members receiving messages from men in their 20s.

Bill, who grew up in a Christian family in the south of America said he must be doing something right.

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The Old Gays aren’t the only group who are advocating for safe sex among sexually active older people.

Suzanne Noble, host of the Sex Advice for Seniors podcast, said older women are “dismissed by the GP for even suggesting they might want to be sexually active”.

She added: “I am very sexual. I am open about my lifestyle but I recognise there are people out there who think that is outrageous.”

Ms Noble, 62, said that while the menopause was a drag that it also gave her a renewed sense of confidence. She explained: “I’ve got these lumps, I’ve got these bumps and this is me.”

Sex toy company owner Sam Evans, 55, added that the desire for sexual activity can sometimes make her customers uncomfortable.

She explained that one of her customers was 93 and had to stop buying sex toys because her daughters “got suspicious of the bank statements”.

Ms Evans added that one of her other customers was in her 80s and was using her product to teach her relatives.

She said: “For her 85th birthday she had a blow-up doll with a dildo attached to it. She bought sex toys from us to give out to all of her girlfriends. She was educating her younger relatives – I think she bought pretty much everything.”

Some brands, such as Relate, have released gardening-themed condoms after one survey found sex was the over-65s’ favourite activity ahead of seeing their family and gardening.

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