Shop worker knocks out shoplifter with 2L drink bottle with ‘tomahawk throw’

A heroic shop assistant has been praised online for how he took down an alleged shoplifter with a 2L bottle of pop with a "tomahawk throw".

CCTV footage captured the incredible moment and has since begun circulating online, gaining more than 4.7million views. In the 18-second clip, a security guard walking towards the front of the store just before a man with a backpack comes into view.

The man appears to be in a hurry, but is stopped in his tracks by the doorman, who starts using a couple of shopping trolleys to box-in the supposed thief. They appear to be talking to one another as they do some cart dancing near the entrance of the store when the bloke starts to push the the carts and the security guard towards the door to attempt an escape.

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However, a store employee had other ideas as he emerged from the aisles with a 2L bottle of pop and swung it over his head. The "tomahawk throw" sent the bottle flying into the side of the shoplifter’s head, knocking him out.

The bloke dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks as the employee returned to work like nothing had happened, leaving the security guard to tend to him. The video has since been shared on X (Twitter) by @DonutOperator, with the caption: "Shoplifter knocked out with coke bottle tomahawk throw."

Viewers were left stunned by the worker's aim, as one user took to the commented writing: "This needs to be the first response in all shoplifting cases." Another added: "Absolutely awesome toss. Employee of the Month."

A third said: "The phrase "sweet justice" has never been more appropriate.." Meanwhile, a fourth declared: "What. A. Throw."

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It is not clear where the incident took place or whether the employee with face disciplinary action for throwing the bottle.

The news comes after 'Britain's shoplifting capital' reported soaring crime levels, with Greggs outlets even installing panic alarms after having £200 worth of donuts and sausage rolls nicked in one day.

Cleveland in North Yorkshire boasts the highest shoplifting rate in the country, which police reckon is fuelled by drug addicts openly selling their stolen stash. The area from Hartlepool to Stockton-on-Tees has 15 times as many thefts each year as Surrey as thieves pocket pricey items like meat and washing powder to hock the goods to people struggling to pay supermarket prices.

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