Tommy Fury makes confession about the reason he's fighting YouTubers

Tommy Fury reveals why he decided to fight Jake Paul and KSI – and it’s not to challenge himself

  • Tommy Fury and KSI are set to go head to head this Saturday in Manchester
  • The Love Island star is seemingly confident he will come out victorious
  • The reason Fury is facing the YouTuber is not because it would be a challenge

Tommy Fury has bluntly confessed why he has opted to take YouTubers, KSI and Jake Paul, on as opponents in the ring.

In a candid Q&A with Misfits Boxing, Tyson Fury’s little brother revealed why he accepted the face-off with KSI – and he insists it wasn’t because he wanted to be challenged. 

The Love Island star, who has a daughter with his fiancé Molly Mae Hague, revealed that, far from testing his skills, the real reason he took on the fight was so he could make money.

Comparing Jake Paul and KSI’s boxing talents, Fury said: ‘Not one is better than the other. This fight you know [is] why I am in crossover boxing – financially it’s great.’

‘Not going to beat around the bush we all know that, if it wasn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.’

Tommy Fury (pictured) was brutally honest during his Q&A with Mistfits Boxing, stating the main reason he took on the gig was for financial reasons

The fighter is set to take on the Sideman this Saturday in Manchester’s AO Arena, was poised and calm in his video reasoning why the fight made sense.

The new father explained his victory against Jake Paul was ‘just inevitable’, however the American influencer did not want a rematch at the time.

The 24-year-old confidently boasted: ‘So that’s why we decided to move on, and this fight here just made sense. You know because them two were going to fight anyway.

‘So now I have beat him. I have beat KSI, and then those two can still fight because they are both on the same level.’

In the video, which now has over 122,000, the fighter dropped another bombshell, revealing he had pictured KSI’s messages – but not replied to a single one.

Fury said the last time – bar Jake Paul – he had experienced an opponent hassling him online was Anthony Taylor.

The boxer was victorious in his match against Taylor, 40-36 prolonging his unbeaten fighting record.

Currently, Tommy Fury holds a perfect record, winning all nine of the matches he has fought. 

The boxer explained that his previous opponent – Jake Paul – did not want a rematch after losing to him, therefore he decided to set his sights on KSI

Fury also dropped another bombshell in the video, revealing British YouTuber KSI (pictured) had been sending him several private messages, which he says only highlights his nervousness about the upcoming match

However, message tirades can only be boiled down to anxiety and fear about the upcoming fight, according to Fury.

‘The fact that this man [KSI] keeps on about it, and on about it and on about it, it shows how nervous he is,’ said Fury.

‘Very very scared. He is preaching how he is ready for the fight and he can’t wait to get into the ring but silence is golden.’

The reality TV star, who is brother to world class boxer, Tyson Fury, divulged that he was not here to play any social media games.

He said: ‘I have got a job to do Saturday night and that is to knock him out cold.’

This comes shortly after both David Haye and Anthony Joshua predicted Fury will lose to the YouTube star.

David Haye had previously claimed Fury would take the loss because he had been ‘overrated’ in comparison to his YouTuber rival.

The former heavyweight champion told JOE: ‘Everybody just believes Tommy’s so much better.

‘The best name on his record is Jake Paul, and that was a close fight in which he got knocked down.’

The former Love Island star stated Paul and KSI are both ‘on the same level’, adding that once he comes out victorious against them both then the two internet personalities can take on each other 

Haye, who is never short on a controversial boxing opinion believes viewers who are backing the Love Island star are set for a ‘big shock’ on Saturday.

Anthony Joshua was slightly more on the fence in his prediction of the upcoming boxing match. 

Chatting with DAZN, the former unified heavyweight world champion thought it was a real ’50/50′ match.

‘I would sway towards KSI, but then if I value experience, I think Tommy should pull it off because he’s coming from a fighting family.’

Joshua swayed back to supporting KSI, arguing the Prime soft drink owner could bag the win because had been victorious against Logan Paul, who had stood his ground with iconic fighter – Floyd Mayweather. 

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