Jenelle Evans' Son Jace Had Stopped Going To School MONTHS Ago!

Allegations of abuse are NOT the only reason Jenelle Evans‘ son was taken away from her!

Teen Mom fans were, tragically, not too surprised to learn Jace had run away earlier this month. After all it was the third time in the past couple months. The alleged reason we finally learned was shocking and upsetting. Jenelle’s mom Barbara claimed the 14-year-old told her he’d been “hiding” from his stepdad David Eason, who had physically abused him. Investigators reportedly saw evidence, too — “visible marks on his neck and arm.”

We’d assumed Child Protective Services stepped in this time because multiple runaway attempts is a red flag — makes sense considering the new abuse allegations. But there was another detail, too.

Sources told The US Sun on Thursday that Jace had also STOPPED GOING TO SCHOOL! One insider claimed:

“Jace hasn’t been in school since August. While he was with Jenelle, he would be home alone all day.”

Apparently ever since his first runaway attempt, he just never started going again. And his parents didn’t even try to make him? WTF?! No wonder CPS is concerned!

A second source pointed out Jenelle’s 9-year-old son Kaiser Griffith is having school trouble as well!

“Kaiser was suspended from school for a week recently. He’s in third grade. It’s not normal at all. The kids are acting out and it’s a total cry for help.”

We guess Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith and his family were right to be worried. But what else will CPS discover in this investigation? The source says:

“Everyone is sitting tight and hoping more will be revealed since Jace was removed.”

For now Jace is with his grandma Barbara, much to the annoyance of Jenelle. But frankly any distance these kids can get from David Eason makes us sleep a little better at night. We don’t need to go through it all again, but the man seems like a total monster.

To hear these parents were letting their kid run wild, not going to school for two months?? That insider is right, y’all, that’s a red flag. And do NOT even suggest this is a homeschooling situation because David Eason is about the last person that should be teaching a child.

What do YOU think of this latest development in Jace’s case? Should he just stay with Barbara for good? What about the rest of the kids??

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