Hundreds of Israelis flee Gaza desert on foot after gunshots and rocket warning

Netanyahu tells Israel ‘we are at war’ as Hamas launches attack

This is the terrifying moment hundreds of Israelis fled through the desert after a rocket warning signaled the beginning of a Hamas invasion.

In the clip, panicked crowds are seen sprinting in a desperate bid for safety amid the sound of gunshots.

Those fleeing had been attending a religious music festival when the alert came in.

One festival-goer, named Daniel recounted the ordeal to Israeli outlet Walla!

He said: “We received a ‘red siren’ [rocket warning] alert. It led to chaos, especially among the vehicles trying to exit.

“Then gunshots began, and we had to start running. Currently, we are in hiding, waiting for assistance.”

The video is captioned: “Palestinian terrorists invaded a festival where hundreds of Israelis were camping out for the Shemini Atzeret holiday.

“The panic caused by this is evident on the fades [faces] of the civilians being targeted by heavily armed militants. Pray for Israel.”

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Another video posted on X of the same scene shows hundreds of Israelis running and others speeding away in cars. 

Meanwhile, video has emerged of Hamas militants being taken out as they speed by boat towards Israel, while others enter from a different side by motorbike.

At least 70 people are believed to have been killed so far in Israel and hundreds more have been injured after Palestinian militants launched thousands of rockets on Saturday. 

The ruling Hamas militant group has also warned it is planning more attacks.

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Hamas gunmen have crossed the border fence at several places and infiltrated Israeli communities, in what is one of the most serious escalations in years between Israel and the militant group that rules Gaza. 

In response, Israel began striking targets in Gaza. 

In a televised address, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel that it is “at war” with Hamas, vowing to mobilize a mass army in response to the aerial and land assault.

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