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IF you have condensation and black mould on your windows and are struggling to get rid of it for good – you’ve come to the right place.

Condensation and mould are two very common problems that many of us in the UK are currently experiencing, but thankfully, cleaning enthusiasts have shared four simple tricks that you’ll need to try.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, a public group with a staggering 336,600 members, one woman asked for advice on how to remove mould and condensation.

Denise Dos Santos shared a picture of her window, which had black mould on the frames, and asked: “Getting condensation in conservatory and house windows.

“Black mould is starting to appear at places and I wonder what the best thing to clean this with is to keep it away for as long as possible?”

She also added: “Also any tips on reducing condensation appreciated. Tried having windows open a crack and it doesn’t help any.” 

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In response, fans of cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch were eager to share their top tips in the comments.

The post attracted a variety of different solutions, but the four most common were to use a dehumidifier, cat litter, bleach, and a cheap spray that’ll cost you just £1. 


If you haven’t got a dehumidifier yet, you might want to take the plunge and invest, as Facebook users raved about their effectiveness for banishing mould and condensation. 

One person said: “Definitely a dehumidifier, has cured my condensation and mould problem.” 

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Whilst another added: “100% dehumidifier will help.”

Cat litter

At the same time, many suggested a hack that you might find strange – using cat litter – to keep surfaces mould and condensation free.

One cleaning enthusiast explained: “I read cheap Asda cat litter in old socks and put on window sills. Soaks up moisture and change it weekly.” 

Someone else chimed in: “I've heard cat litter in socks works. [I’ve] not tried it yet though.”

£1 spray

As well as this, many cleaning fans raved about the Astonish Mould and Mildew spray, which you can buy for as little as £1.

One Mrs Hinch fan expressed: “Mould and Mildew spray by Astonish from £1 shop, B&M, Home Bargains. Brilliant stuff, use it all the time for all sorts of things.. including any marks on white washing …”

As another advised: “Cleaning with Mould and Mildew [spray] every week.”

Good old bleach

Finally, if you’ve tried all of the above and none are working, other cleaning fans advised a simple 55p trick – bleach.

One recommended: “Wipe down with bleach. Have done this round my windows for years. Bleach kills mould spores.”

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Whilst another penned: “Put bleach on a toothbrush and scrub.” 

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