‘I had unmedicated labour and gave birth in 40 secs – I didn’t have to push’

A mum experienced a rare medical phenomenon which led to her giving birth in just 40 seconds.

Cianna Gonzalez, 24, felt her baby "descending" without any control after a three-hour labour. The mum didn't even have to push as he slipped out.

Thinking it was Braxton Hicks, Cianna, from Philadelphia, US, was told by the birth centre that she was actually in labour. She tried to get out of the birthing pool when she felt her baby coming, but there was no time.

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She said: "I felt him descending. I was screaming 'he's coming'. My baby shot out completely voluntarily. I did not have to push him out, he came out on his own. He came out in less than 40 seconds."

Cianna continued: "I was anxiety ridden in the moment. I thought who is going to catch this baby? It was very natural and very fast."

Her second son was born on August 8, 2022, weighing 7lbs 5oz, at 10.35am. She believes that being able to relax triggered the Ferguson reflex.

She shared: "It was very intuitive on the babies end. It was incredible. I didn't know I could do that or the baby could. He was on his own timing."

The mum had not experienced this reflex with her first son, who was born on February 10, 2021 weighing 7lbs 12oz. Her positive birth experience gave her "confidence" for her second birth.

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She added: "I was excited to do it again."

According to online birthing information, the reflex is involuntary – the woman's body does the work without any thought.

Some women have compared it to a sneeze – once it starts, there's nothing you can do to stop it.

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