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A CLEVER woman has revealed we’ve all been using cling film wrong this entire time. 

Eva often uses her social media account to share her top tips and tricks when it comes to home decor, hacks and trending products. 

And in one video, she opted to share a discovery she made on using cling film without the static electricity getting in the way. 

“You won’t believe this hack,” she told viewers, before placing the entire cardboard box of cling film into her freezer.

“Start storing your plastic wrap in the freezer and when you’re ready to use it, it won’t get static electricity or cling together.” 

She then took the box out and unravelled one end to place it over a glass bowl filled with what appeared to be whipped cream. 

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“And you can easily put it on anything you want to store,” TikTok user @lovelivedream82 added. 

People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “Genius! Thank you,” followed by a heart emoji.

Another shared: “We do this in work. Kept in the fridge. It actually does work”.

While a third added: “No way! Tyring this now!”

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According to Good Housekeeping, the cling film temporarily loses some of the stickiness to it.

Dr. Chad Orzel, associate professor of physics and astronomy at Union College, explained the science behind it all TODAY Food.

He said: “The adhesion between pieces of plastic may be driven by the molecules in the surface rearranging themselves to form weak chemical bonds.

“And the lower temperature may inhibit that process a bit.” 

Best to make sure you use the box’s side tabs to prevent the entire roll from coming out of the box. 

And remember to leave a little bit on the box so it’s easy to rip off the next time you need to use it. 

Do you have a kitchen hack like this?

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