Dog believed to have swallowed a beach after huge ‘pebbles’ found inside her

A pet dog appeared to have swallowed half a beach . . .but the truth was even stranger.

Owner Rachel Roberts, 43, noticed something was wrong with her Pug-Zu, Suki, after a walk last week, North Wales Live reports. She said: "I took her for a walk in Llanrwst last Wednesday.

"Towards the end of the walk she seemed to be struggling. She was weeing a lot and there seemed to be red in it – like blood – and she was shaking.

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Rachel took Suki to the vets where they discovered a large number of "stones" in her bladder. She explained: "They look like pebbles – it's absolutely crazy!

"They built up inside her. Everyone I show the picture to says 'Oh my God!'" The stones found inside her were actually bladder stones formed from her own food.

Now, Suki is on painkillers and a special diet to prevent further stone formation. Suki, a rescue dog, has a scar from an operation at Rhianfa Veterinary Centre in Rhyl.

Her owner, Rachel, feared Suki was unwell after her sister Jani passed away a few months ago. "After the op Suki ran away," she explained.

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"It was raining and I was looking for her for an hour. I thought she was going somewhere to die but got her back."

Rachel, who runs Rachel Sian Photography, expressed relief that Suki survived. "I thought I would lose her too but it's a big, big relief," she said. She also thanked the Rhianfa Veterinary Centre for saving Suki's life.

According to the experts at Daily Paws, kidney stones become dangerous when they grow too large or break apart, allowing smaller pieces to enter and get stuck in the dog's ureter — the corridor to the bladder, and that's when it can really hurt your dog, even causing death if not treated quickly and correctly.

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