Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Afraid Of 'Getting Canceled' – As 'Investigation' Into 'Flirty' That 70s Show Behavior Starts?!

Sounds like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are really regretting writing those character letters for Danny Masterson — because it’s threatening to END their careers! But, um, this really shouldn’t have been a surprise considering who they were supporting… Oof.

A new source told on Saturday that the former co-stars are petrified the “damage of it all” will ruin their careers forever! And right now, they have one “saving grace” for their financial status — Mila’s gig on Family Guy! An insider revealed:

“They legitimately feel like they are getting canceled. Ashton was looking forward to this past weekend being very low-key and devoted to watching football and dealing with his fantasy football teams. With all the people railing against them, it isn’t going to go away anytime soon, and they are feeling it. They are hoping as time passes, people will forget and or move on from their criticism.”

They’re gonna need a big new controversy to come and boot them out of the spotlight — but right now, the focus is very much still on ’em!

And that doesn’t bode well for their industry prospects, the source continued:

“But as of right now, they are anticipating that the damage of it all might affect obtaining future work in film and TV.”

On Mila’s voice acting work as Meg on the animated sitcom, the confidant noted:

“One saving grace financially speaking. Mila’s voice work will continue on Family Guy, she will have that forever. The cast and crew of Family Guy has her back.”

The ongoing strikes occurring in the industry right now probably help too! It’s giving them a buffer to avoid getting kicked off projects or flat-out rejected ’cause of the controversy. If they’re lucky, some of the heat will die down when things get moving again. Meanwhile, they’re having to step back from other work because of the mess, so they’re certainly feeling the burn.

As for Ashton’s inappropriate comments about then-underage stars Hilary Duff and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, which resurfaced amid all this, the source said he knows it “didn’t age well” and “understands people giving him s**t for” it. The insider went on:

“The entire wave that has hit them with this controversy is not fun to deal with, they are looking to lay low and ride it out the best that they can. They aren’t going to be making many appearances any time soon.”

Too bad for them that the scandal is only getting more complicated!

In light of them supporting a convicted rapist, the couple’s relationship has now been brought into question, with many fans pointing out they first met on the set of That ’70s Show when Mila was 14 and Ashton was 19. A former producer of the series actually told the outlet they were “crazy about each other” and “flirty” on set — but insisted Ashton knew his “boundaries” and waited for the younger woman to make a move. They said:

“Everyone who worked on the show could see the early signs that Ashton and Mila were crazy about each other. But as far as the allegations that there was anything going on between Mila and Ashton before she was 18… if so, they kept it under wraps. They were flirty, but they were co-stars, and Mila was incredibly mature for her age. Ashton knew what the boundary was as did Danny.”

The producer said the co-stars always kept it professional and that the flirting seemed innocent. They even felt like the actress was more of a “little sister” to the cast than anything else. But the pair had a scripted kiss the first week of filming — despite the age gap, something they both recalled felt a little odd at the time in resurfaced interviews. Now, a source told DM:

“That kiss was scripted, and they are actors. Ashton was wary about it and eventually realized that it was just a scene and he was just an actor.”

But with all the scrutiny surrounding the hit show, the source said there’s “going to be an investigation.” WHAT?! They explained:

“From what is being said, there is going to be an investigation with the crew and people who worked on the show. But everyone will for sure be cooperative because there is nothing to hide.”

Would they REALLY investigate this?! The show’s been off the air since 2006. Sure, Ashton and Mila appear in the spinoff That ’90s Show, but they’ve been married for nearly a decade (after officially starting to date six years after the OG show ended). What’s an investigation going to do at this point?? Seems a little late!

But what do YOU think should happen?! Sound OFF (below)!

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