Jeannie Mai Determined To 'Save' Jeezy Marriage – Despite So Many 'Problems' In Relationship!

Jeannie Mai isn’t giving up hope!

It’s been a few weeks since her husband Jeezy abruptly and unexpectedly filed for divorce after two years, but The Real host is still hoping she can “save her marriage.”

On Wednesday, a source told People the 44-year-old is obviously “hurt and devastated” by the breakup — but she’s going to fight for their love story until the last moment that she’s able to do so. The insider explained:

“She got married to stay married. She’s committed to trying to save her marriage.”

Damn. It’s never easy to accept the end…

A second source went on to confirm the pair had been having problems, which escalated recently. That insider explained:

“They’ve had issues for a long time, but things got really hard over the last few months.”

What was the deal breaker? Rumors have been flying about a possible affair on the fashion expert’s part, but the confidant suggested it’s something much more simple than that:

“He spends nearly all his time in Atlanta, and she was flying back and forth between there and LA. She was scaling back a bit and trying to spend more time in Atlanta to work on their issues.”

Oof. A classic case of long-distance… those things are always difficult! Plus, if they were experiencing so many challenges in the relationship, that much time apart will only make things worse!

While the How Do I Look? alum knew they weren’t living in the same zip code enough, it sounds like she didn’t think this was going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The source continued:

“She obviously knew they had problems, but she wasn’t expecting a divorce. Now she’s trying to figure out what her future looks like and where she’ll be living.”

Oof. So tough, especially since they have a young daughter, Monaco, in the mix. FYI, the 46-year-old rapper is currently asking for joint legal custody of the girl as this divorce court battle looms.

It’s hard to know if there’s any actual hope for a reconciliation, too. Jeezy sure didn’t think so in his divorce filing when he declared the relationship was “irretrievably broken” with “no hope” for improvement. The rapper’s been pretty clear his intentions are only to focus on himself these days, so… her attempts might be futile. But it’s worth a shot, we suppose!

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