Sydney Sweeney & Glen Powell Reignite Affair Rumors In PAINFUL New Interview!

If Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell want talk of an affair to go away, they need to get a lot better about the way they do promo!

The co-stars have been plagued by rumors of an on-set affair after looking a little too cozy on the set of the upcoming rom com Anything But You. It was enough, apparently, for Glen’s GF Gigi Paris to break up with him over it! Whether that was over insinuation or an actual confession we don’t know for sure. But we know they’re over! Sydney, meanwhile, is still with her fiancé Jonathan Davino. And of course the movie production ended, so even if there was a showmance, it was all over, right?

Well, now that the movie is about to come out, the Euphoria and Top Gun stars are back together on the junket — and their first interview together they’re already blowing it!

They stopped by Today on Monday morning where Hoda Kotb asked them how quickly they knew they “had chemistry” together. They both giggled, and Sydney said, “Yeah.” And they way she looked at him, throughout the interview, we mean… Get you someone who looks at YOU like that! And also, you know, isn’t engaged to someone else.

Hoda, hard-hitting journalist that she is, pushed, asking if there was “a little romance” between them IRL on set, and again so much laughing! But Glen said:

“No, but we do love each other. And, honestly, this is one of the most spectacular humans I’ve ever met. She’s really great.”

And he looked at her with all that love! Seriously, what is going on with these two? See what we mean (below)!

Viewers were similarly perplexed, with one making the very salient point that the simple answer to the question of whether they HAD AN AFFAIR would have been to tell Hoda, no it’s just a movie, I have a fiancé! But she didn’t say that! Another pointed out they didn’t have to sit close enough to be touching like they were… See that and more comments (below):

“Shouldn’t she just say ‘I’m engaged’ tho?”

“The way she laughs after she asked if it was a little romance but didn’t deny it or say she’s engaged…”

“Up until this video, I was a firm believer that those wild rumors were just speculations. However, after watching this I kinda have to agree with the speculators and would even say that the pizza guy should just duck out.”

What do YOU think, Perezcious movie buffs and relationship experts??

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