Wait, The Queer Eye Crew Was Instructed To 'Not Talk About' Bobby Berk’s Shocking Exit?!

The Queer Eye crew have been pretty “tight lipped” about Bobby Berk’s sudden departure… And there’s a reason for it.

Last week, the hit Netflix show’s resident interior designer shocked fans when he revealed the upcoming eighth season of Queer Eye will be his final. He opened up about the “necessary” decision — one he made with a “heavy heart” — in a lengthy Instagram post, which you can view (below):


A post shared by Bobby Berk (@bobby)

The other members of the Fab Five, including Karamo Brown, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness, have been pretty quiet about the decision aside from a few supportive IG comments. Karamo wrote:

“we are #ForeverTheFab5 | no matter what. I’m about to be a Netflix’s door & e-mails telling them you can’t leave! Who is coming with me?  I love you!”

While Antoni added on, “#foreverthefab5 indeed, and don’t forget it.” Jonathan dropped three supportive heart emojis.

But other than that, no interviews, no news, no updates, no NOTHING. And apparently it’s because that’s what they were instructed to do?! On Monday, an insider told The US Sun:

“The Queer Eye cast and crew was given proper instruction to not talk about Bobby’s exit to the media or publicly. The cast and crew have not been briefed or media trained on what to say, which is why everyone is being tight lipped.”

Whoa… If they need media training just to address the departure of a fellow cast mate, it makes us think that those rumors Bobby was asked to leave could be true…

The source added:

“The show is not filming right now, so the cast and crew have not gotten together yet to have a formal discussion.”

Wow… What do YOU think is going on here, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below!

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