Getting lashes done is so expensive, so I did it myself – now I can’t take them off, this is what I get for being cheap | The Sun

BEAUTY treatments are not cheap, which is why many of us opt to do at-home facials, nails and more. 

But when one woman decided to pinch pennies and do her own eyelashes, she was left mortified. 

Abi Akharoh often uses her social media to share her top tips and tricks when it comes to beauty and loves to “serve looks” too. 

But in one video, she shared the harsh reality of dealing with an at-home treatment gone wrong. 

Speaking with her hand on her head as she showed off her eyelashes, she said: “I’m about to cry…”

“This is what I get for being cheap,” she went on while pointing at her eyelashes, which appeared to have bits of white glue all over it. 

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“Your girl’s a college student, I wasn’t trying to pay for no lash tech, because the prices are getting crazy.”

In a bid to save some money, she got a kit with individual lashes in it and some lash glue to secure them. 

“These lashes will not come off,” she continued. “My eyes are watering trying to take these lashes out.” 

In the caption, she added: “lets see if i can get em off frr tho…”

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People were quick to comment on the post as one person wrote: “noooo you used individual lash glue you supposed to use regular or cluster lash glue,” followed by a crying emoji. 

TikTok user @abiakharoh replied: “Y’all I promise the bottle says cluster lash glue”. 

Another said: “you have to separate the lash from where you connected it, kind like popping them off”. 

“i got that same glue u need to buy the remover,” a third posted with three crying emojis. 

While a fourth added: “I used that glue and I had no issues maybe used too much glue.”

According to, there is a right way to remove eyelashes so that you don’t accidentally take your natural lashes out too. 

After taking make-up off, they share: “This is when the coconut, olive, or almond oil can come into play. 

“If your clients are asking for tips on how to get any leftover glue off their eyelids, this is the best time to suggest some natural oils.”

They continue: “You can let clients know that sometimes lash glue is extremely difficult to remove, especially if they purchased a reliable brand.”

You should then rinse off the falsies, which is the “last step of safely removing them”. 

“For this step, let them know they should be using an oil-free makeup remover on a cotton swab,” they write. “Wiping them from the band, all the way up to the tip of the lash is the best way to make sure they are properly being cleaned.”

And finally, you should dry off your lashes with a clean and dry paper towel. 

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