I live in a 20 ft tiny home with my son and two pets – people say he'll outgrow it but I don't care | The Sun

A MOM has hit back at critics who’ve slammed her for living in a tiny house with her son.

Holly (@tiny_house_mom) has lived in a 20ft tiny home in Canada with her son and their pets for the past seven years.

She has garnered over 16,000 followers on TikTok with quirky posts giving an insight into their family life.

As her son is no longer a toddler, social media trolls have argued Holly should now move into a larger house.

She stared blankly at the camera as she responded with a video filmed outside of her tiny home. 

“When I tell people I live in a 20ft tiny house with my son, a dog, and a tortoise in Canada,” read the text over the video.

“That’s not normal and I think you should get some help or something,” said a voiceover.

Holly captioned the post “normal is over-rated” and included the hashtags #notnormal, #different, and #havefun.

The text over another video read: “When someone points out that kids grow and my tiny house won’t.”

A voiceover said: “Wow, I didn’t know that you’re just telling me that for the first time.”

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The posts came before Holly joked about her son having outgrown the loft just as soon as renovations on the property finished.

“We have lots of outdoor space including a covered dining spot, fire pit, hot tub, and swing bench plus the deck. It’s only tight in winter,” Holly explained. 

Despite the family’s lifestyle having received some backlash a stream of commenters confessed that they admire their tiny home.

One person wrote: “You’re living my dream, your house is very cute.”

Another commented: “It’s the new norm.”

A third said: “Tiny houses are normal here too! I kinda love that I am a few steps away from everything.”

A fourth wrote: “I’d love a tiny house! I think we need to normalize downsizing into smaller homes.”

A fifth commented: “I have been wanting to have one of those! But I don’t have land.”

Another added: “I’m so jealous, girl you’re awesome and I wish I had that lovely home.” 

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