I wore a crop top and jeans to Thanksgiving dinner, my family asked where the rest of my clothes were | The Sun

A STYLISH woman has shared the very sarcastic remarks her family made about her outfit at Thanksgiving dinner.

Many people will be able to relate to the shocking comments that were unexpectedly said after not seeing relatives for a while.  

Kaytlin Katniss Neil (@kaytlinkatnissmma) has garnered over 290,000 followers on TikTok, where she shares her career as an MMA Fighter.

She took to the social media platform to reveal the jokes that her family made about her when they got together for the holidays.

She chose a fashionable outfit, teaming a purple cropped T-shirt with ripped jeans and white sneakers.

“Wearing this outfit to Thanksgiving be like…,” read the text over the video.

She was all smiles and waved before she began to share the mocking comments that followed from her family.

Many of the witty remarks poked fun at the large holes in her jeans despite them being a deliberate design choice. 

“Did you fall on your way here? Did your cat attack you?” the text read. 

She revealed her family also had a lot to say about her decision to wear a cropped T-shirt.

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“You forgot the bottom half of your shirt!” the text added.

She looked in good spirits and took their unsolicited opinion in her stride.

Kaytlin captioned the post: “Nothing goes together quite like ripped jeans & relatives at Thanksgiving.”

The post went viral with over 7,100 likes and a flood of comments from people who were able to relate to the situation.

Many viewers shared jokes of their own about the outfit but admitted they liked her Thanksgiving look.

“Don’t they pay you enough to buy a full pair of jeans,” one quipped.

“I would’ve been given a shirt to put over that shirt and also questioned for buying ripped jeans when I could rip perfectly good ones for free,” another said.

“Are you religious? Because those are some holy jeans,” a third joked.

“Dad approach.. “You paid how much for those? I could have torn up a pair of your pants for free,’” a fourth chimed in.

“Did they catch the bobcat that attacked you? You should show those pants to the park ranger for evidence,” another wrote.

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