I'm a dog owner – people think my pet is cute but he turns real fast, he was bred to guard and has a huge bite force | The Sun

A DOG-OWNER has shared the two sides to his best friend — a European Doberman.

He said that people think the canine is cute, but maintained that he can turn scary just as quickly.

TikToker @bearthedobie filmed the dog in a video posted to the social media platform.

"Yeah my dog can look cute but don't forget, he's also got a bite force of 305 PSI and was bred to be a guard dog," read the text.

The TikToker showed clips of the dog, named Bear, looking content in in the first clip as his owned stroked his fur.

In the next clip, Bear clearly looked more alert while looking out the window of a car.

For scale, the PSI, or pounds per square inch, for the average human is 162.

"He can go from cute to on guard real fast," the TikToker added.

The European Doberman is an intelligent dog, known to be ideal for working.

The muscular stature of the breed can also make it a contender as a guard dog.

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The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"I love tucked ears. It means they are being vulnerable with you. or they just did something bad," one wrote.

"I love Dobermans," another viewer chimed in. "They are my dream dogs."

"Love this breed," a third commented. "Always wanted one."

"All the people talking bite forces here don’t know how athletic, dense, and agile Dobies are," yet another commented. "F**king ninjas."

"I want to snuggle that baby," one more commented.

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