I've got a large chest and struggle to find cute sports bras – I got a style that fits & looks cute, it's a game-changer | The Sun

A FASHIONISTA has revealed her holy grail of sports bras which fit her fuller bust.

She said they're not only cute but she also described the active wear as a "game-changer."

Julia Gratton (@juliagratton) filmed herself praising the brassieres in a video on TikTok.

"This is for my larger chested girls," she said.

She recommended the sports bras, first wearing the style in black.

"Pro tip for all my girls out there who have a medium to large chest and are having trouble finding cute workout tops," she said.

"I've always been jealous of the girls who can wear sports bras to the gym freely and not have to worry about spillage or anything.

"I swear they never make cute design sports bras like this catered to bigger chested girls, but I found her.

"The fabric on the sides here goes up a little bit higher than a typical sports bra. Game changer," she added.

She took the inserts out of the sports bras to model the look.

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"I don't trust you if you keep your cups in your sports bras," she joked.

Julia even compared the material of the bras to a much pricier brand.

"I'm wearing Lululemon leggings right now.

"And I can honestly sit here and tell you that the material of these Lulu leggings is pretty dang similar to the material on these sports bras.

"That's a big statement to say. Just picture how sexy my back is going to look on back day when I'm doing lat pull downs in this top," she added.

The comment section drew in many viewers who shared their two cents.

"I don’t know if this would work for me but couldn’t hurt to try. I wear two sometimes," one wrote.

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