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A WOMAN who hasn't had the heating on in five years has revealed her top tips and essential buys to keep warm during the winter.

Klaire De Lys took to social media sharing all of the buys you need to grab now if you don't think you will be able to afford putting the heating on this winter.

Last year the money-saving mum went viral for her tips on staying warm and she's at it again now the weather has suddenly dropped.

In the clip, she said: "Things that you really want to try and buy now so that this winter is more comfortable, especially if you can't afford to turn on the heating."

She said blankets were vital to keep you warm in the winter – and if you think you have enough already, you probably don't.

Stock up so that they can be used for the bedrooms and front room – if you really want to keep it to a budget try charity shops.



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Good quality socks are also vital and worth every penny says Klaire.

"Any socks will do, she said, adding: "But if possible, get some wool socks now.

"Normally, I think in some cases, wool tends to be a little bit overblown.

"It is never overblown when it comes to your socks."

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The mum-of-two said they were an investment worth spending on as some pairs have lasted her over seven years.

Klaire also recommended stocking up on fingerless gloves to keep your hands warm without them getting in the way of everyday tasks.

The frugal woman also revealed that candles were vital if you aren't turning your heating on.

She recommended going for candles that burn for at least six hours and ones that were smoke-free and unscented.

"But honestly, when you can't turn on the heating, it is amazing the difference these little things make," she said.

"And candles are a really good way to warm up, especially smaller areas, very quick."

Hot water bottles were also vital for the colder months – and Klaire suggested having at least two for each person in your household.

She recommended buying the standard hot water bottles as well as the longer ones which are perfect to put in the bed to warm it up.

Of course, if you have children or pets using the hot water bottles, make sure they come with a proper cover that can't be taken off, says Klaire.

She continued: "Have about two hot water bottles per person.

"That way you can have one for your chest and one for your feet.

"If you want to really, really, really be comfortable, you really do want to make sure that you have two, because when your feet get cold, it's horrible.

"When your chest gets cold, you get sick."

Klaire also recommended getting at least two Oodie style fleeces for each person to wear so that there was always one available if the other was in the wash.

When it comes to these fleece jackets, that can be bought in Primark, Klaire says the bigger they are the better.

"Yeah. You're gonna look like a massive sentient pillow, but you will be warm," she added.

Keeping your neck warm is also essential – snood-style scarfs are perfect but if you can't afford any, Klaire recommends cutting up an old pair of leggings and using that instead.

While many people were frustrated these tips needed to be shared, many thanked Klaire for sharing her tips on her TikTok account @klairedelysofficial.

In the clip, she added: "The whole point of this series isn't to just get through by the skin of your teeth.

"I actually want people to be able to be comfortable and not utterly miserable during the winter."

One person wrote: "Cotton gloves that are usually worn for lotion etc are brilliant for wearing underneath as an extra layer, I have Raynauds & have been a life saver.."

Another commented: "It’s so infuriating that in 2023 we have to resort to these things instead of just turning on the heating."

"Yes on the woollen socks! also much easier to mend than synthetic. I have pairs I've had for a decade or more," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Thank you for justifying me buying more blankets I’ll be back shortly."

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Someone else added: "I swear by 2 hot water bottles especially in bed in the winter it's so cosy!"

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