My client lost her 'mommy overhang' in two months – most of it is fat, so you can reshape your body without surgery | The Sun

AFTER helping one of her clients lose the mom pooch in just two months, a postpartum trainer is sharing her secrets to help other struggling moms.

There are three things you need to keep in mind.

Postpartum trainer Niki Zoub (@nikizoub) seeks to help busy women get in shape with the time they have.

Proud of her work, she revealed before and after images of a client who transformed her body in two months.

“Today we’re going to talk about the ‘mommy overhang,’” she began in the clip.

The mommy overhang, also known as the mom pooch, is when your stomach hangs over your underwear.

“This is my client Kristen, and she went from this to this in two months,” she said about the drastic difference in the photos.

When beginning her body transformation journey, her goals were to reduce the overhang while building muscle.

To do so, she had to understand what was going on in her body first.

“The mommy overhang is a combination of extra fat and extra skin, but many of you ladies don’t realize how much of the overhang is extra fat and not just skin.”

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The good news about that realization is that you can improve it naturally without surgery.

Niki lined out her three must-dos.

“Prioritize: strength training, core rehab, and most importantly being in a caloric deficit.”

She said cutting back on calories will help you lose the fat, while the core rebab and strength training will “rebuild your stretched muscles.”

Viewers were ready to get to work.

“I want this transformation please,” one admitted.

“Girl where have you been?! I’m almost two years,” another chimed in.

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