My interior design DIY elevates your home in minutes – it's fast and easy but some worry it'll make your house too warm | The Sun

ONE fast trick has transformed a home in minutes.

The easy tip made a big – and decorative – difference but some were concerned it will make your home too toasty.

"This right here is your traditional air vent. Let me show you how to elevate it with this aria vent," said the DIY expert behind (@winnidesigns).

She removed the old vent to make way for the upgraded design.

"Put the new one in and set it by pre-drilling two screw holes on the side," she explained.

The interior design expert then placed the screws in.

She also explained how no mudding was required for this easy DIY install.

She replaced the cover before this important part: painting over it.

The DIYer used a rollerball to go over everything with a fresh coat of white paint.

"And then you're all done. It's a fast, easy, DIY project, I bet you could do it."

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"Brilliant," wrote one in awe follower.

"Nice," another viewer agreed of the decorative DIY.

Still, some saw issues with the interior design upgrade.

"Looks nice but what’s the resistance value of them. It could cause major issues with your HVAC," one follower raised alarm bells.

"Wait! How is the air going to flow? Looks very restricted," another viewer cautioned.

The $169 flush performance high wall vent from Fittes offered a sleek, modern look for those wanting an easy home upgrade.

The under $200 product was described as being a high performance, ultra-minimal, flush drywall vent.

The additional air channel allows for 50% increased air flow versus a single channel and is equipped with a drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the surface.

Once installed, only a double rectangular air channel is visible.

The vent had garnered impressive reviews.

"Seamless vent, great air circulation," said one satisfied homeowner.

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