People tell me it's impossible my bum's real, they say such a perfect booty must be fake | The Sun

A MUM of two admits she loves it when people confuse her for a much younger woman – apart from when they say she's fake.

Courtney, 40, enjoys working out and prides herself on maintaining a a muscular physique.

The social media star, who goes by the moniker Texas Thighs, is constantly accused of having a BBL despite being totally transparent with her millions of followers.

She said: “I have constantly been accused of having a fake booty and I think with my muscular build and thickness it should be obvious that it’s real so it is confusing.

“I even have a good friend who has friends tell her that it’s impossible that it’s real and she was like ‘trust me, I’ve known her for 20 years and it’s definitely real.’

“I have always been transparent with my fans regarding my body and did a vlog when I had a boob job years ago.”



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Courtney adds: “It’s flattering when people tell me I look younger. 

“As I age I do put in the effort to look my best but I’m also not looking for validation from others. I do it for my self. 

“I do appreciate my fans but I don’t pay attention to the age or anything like that because I’m not posting in an effort to meet people.”

As a mum and married woman, Courtney often faces criticism for wearing skimpy outfits and flaunting her figure.

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But she refuses to conform to societal stereotypes and believes anyone can dress in a sexy style if it feels right.

She says: “It never made sense to me that woman can’t be sexy and embrace themselves after becoming a mother without the fear of judgement.

“I believe mothers and wives should be allowed to feel sexy if that is something that makes them happy. 

“I feel in general it is a double standard that celebrities can embrace both but when non celebrities are expected to conform to a different standard and the same goes for the husbands that support them.”

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