Asda launches ‘bat’ shaped Halloween pizza – but people wonder where the rest is

Asda is selling a new Halloween themed pizza – but some shoppers are not impressed.

Halloween is just around the corner and that means people are the hunt for last minute costumes while filling their shopping trollies with all kinds of scary goodies. From pumpkin flavoured hot beverages to McDonald's spookily topped McFlurry, brands are certainly making the most of themed products.

However, one of Asda's offerings left their customers in two minds.

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Over on their official TikTok, Asda unveiling their brand spanking new bat-shaped pizza for this spooky season. Staff zoomed in on the 'Boo The Bat' cheese and tomato product that can be purchased for £2 from the pizza counter. The "frightfully good pizza" nails the winged nocturnal creature's silhouette, although it's left some customers asking 'where the rest' of the pizza is.

The 'Boo The Bat' pizza weighs in at 247g, while a normal large cheese and tomato pizza comes in at 613g and costs £5 whereas a medium is £4 and weighs 358g. In a TikTok advert for the pizza, many people fled to the comments to offer their thoughts on the product.

"Absolute s***, half the pizza is missing," one jibed. "Could get a large pizza from Dominoes." Another voiced: "You're essentially just getting way less pizza."

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While a third asked: "Where is the rest." Someone else mocked: "How the f*** are you meant to eat and cut that."

Despite some people having strong feelings towards the bat pizza, many others appeared to be a fan of the Halloween product.

"I had this the other day it was lovely," one admitted. A second gushed: "Three of my grandchildren had these last week, they loved them."

Meanwhile, this shopper said: "This is actually a pretty creative idea, haven't seen it in supermarkets before. Hats off." And this user expressed: "Very cool, more spooky stuff is always good."

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