Crisp lovers rave about Walkers Cheese and Onion dupe

Crisp lovers rave about Tesco own-brand Cheese and Onion crisps and say they are ‘even better than Walkers’

  • Fans of the Tesco branded crisps say they are cheaper as a six-pack is just £1.10
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Shoppers are raving about a dupe of Cheese and Onion Walkers crisps – and they are only 18p per packet. 

Customers of the Tesco own-brand crisps of the same flavour say they are much cheaper, as a six-pack is selling for just £1.10.

Where as Walkers six-pack of the tasty snack sell for anything from £3.15 to £2, depending where you buy them from. 

The product description says Tesco’s family-owned crisp specialists ‘have been perfecting the nation’s favourite potato snack since 1956.’ 

It reads: ‘Each season, they work closely with farmers to select the best variety of potatoes for the perfect crunch. Then they slice, fry, and tumble each crisp in classic seasonings for a full, balanced flavour.’ 

Shoppers rave about Cheese and Onion Walkers dupe crisps- and they are only 18p a pack

Many crisp lovers rushed to the Tesco website to leave their love for the cheap snack.   

One person said: ‘As good as Walkers or others at less than half the price.’

Another said: ‘Really tasty! So much better than Walkers rubbish! They have so many ‘may contain’ ingredients, but these Tesco ones don’t, so much better for allergy sufferers.’

Someone else said: ‘Don’t need Walkers. Delicious and very oniony. Why pay more for a snack? It’s not healthy, it will not [be] ‘organic’ etc. 

‘These are delicious and we all need to save every penny we can. The big brands charging us the earth rip-off prices, are not necessary. 

‘A crisp is a crisp after all. These do the trick nicely and I am happy to save almost £1 for the same item from big brand you know who.’ 

A fourth wrote: ‘Try them, you won’t be disappointed. Always had Walkers crisps,not any more, these Tesco crisps were just as good, if not better.’

However others weren’t so sure, with some saying the Tesco packs weren’t ‘consistently’ tasty enough. 

Many crisp lovers rushed to the Tesco website to leave their love for the cheap snack, however others weren’t so sure with some saying the Tesco packs weren’t ‘consistently’ tasty enough

Customers of the Tesco branded crisps say they are much cheaper, as a six-pack is selling for just £1.10

One person wrote: ‘We tried these but they were so salty that we could not eat them and they had to be thrown away. We shall stick with Walkers in future, we like the flavour better and they seem to be very consistent from packet to packet.’

While another agreed saying: ‘Normally good, but the last pack of six I bought were really lacking in flavour.’ 

It comes after Walkers fans were in uproar after spotting a new Christmas range which includes a seasonal Christmas Pudding flavour.

The British snack giants have also brought back the old-time duo of festive favourites Pigs in a Blanket and Festive Turkey.

The limited edition crisps can be purchased for £1.65 as part of a five-pack multipack, and have so far been spotted on Aldi supermarket aisles.

While many seemed intrigued by the offbeat seasonings, others took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their dismay – particularly with the Christmas Pudding flavour – with one person so appalled, they remarked it ‘just isn’t right full stop’.

Some people have shared their dismay over the ‘sweet and spiced’ Christmas Pudding flavour (pictured)

Many more people revealed their take on the ‘sweet and spiced’ flavour and even probed Walkers’s reasoning behind it.

One person wrote: ‘I love crisps and I love Christmas pudding but just no.’

Someone else joked: ‘Christmas Pudding flavour crisps someone @walkers_crisps had a few too many and thought that sounded like a good idea.’

Equally shocked, another added: ‘Christmas pudding and crisps should not mix’.

‘Eewwwww,’ said one more.

But amongst the many that voiced their horror over the flavour, one person branded the taste ‘divine’.

‘Wow! @walkers_crisps and @AldiUK – these are amazing! The Pigs In Blankets were closest to the real thing we’ve ever tasted, and the #christmas pudding flavour is divine,’ the happy customer said.

‘I’m here for them’ remarked another.

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