‘I broke up with boyfriend using a Google Doc – and his reaction surprised me’

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    Breakups aren't usually the easiest thing to go through – whether you're the heartbreaker or heartbroken.

    So to lessen the blow, some people opt to do the deed over text so they don't have to face their soon to be ex.

    However, this one woman took the digital breakup to the next level.

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    Laura Esposito decided to end her two-year relationship with her boyfriend in the form of Google document.

    The then 22-year-old thought that the best way to cut ties with her lover was to write out a digital letter – instead of making the two hour journey to do it in person.

    But her decision wasn't exactly a hasty one.

    In an essay penned for Insider, Laura explained: "I had typed the words displayed on the screen days before, but the past three nights had ended the same – I'd minimise the browser, slam my laptop shut, and resolve to put off the next step until the morning.

    "But tonight wouldn't end that way – I navigated to the corner of the screen, clicked on 'share link,' and sent my boyfriend of two years a link to my breakup letter."

    Laura admitted that she was was a "coward" for ending the "otherwise healthy relationship" in a distant way. She said that one of the reasons was 'impracticality' to travel two hours and that she was a "nervous" driver.

    The then-student was about to move to New York and start an "intensive graduate program" and "craved the individuality" of being in her early 20s.

    She also didn't want to bare the burden of seeing his pain of the end of the relationship face-to-face.

    In the document, Laura included the lines, "I understand you may be angry" and "we need to figure out who we are without each other."

    However, her partner had a very "stoic" response.

    After she shared the unusual breakup method in a link, her now ex-boyfriend called her and said that he wasn't "angry" – and wanted to remain friends.

    But as time went by, it appeared that the Google document left a very sour taste in his mouth.

    Laura and her old flame bumped into each other months later when they both noticed the "injustice" of breakup technique.

    When she asked how he had been since, they entered an "explosive" exchange to which the ex yelled: "I can't believe you broke up with me in a Google Doc, Laura."

    On reflection, Laura believes that she "cheated" her ex out of a respectful end to their relationship – and denied herself proper closure too.

    As for future relationships, Laura has agreed to stay away from Google Docs.

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