‘I thought my fiancé’s proposal was a prank but some think he was just nervous’

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In a heartfelt post on Reddit’s ‘Am I the A**hole?’ (AITA) forum, a soon-to-be bride shared her profound disappointment with the way her fiancé proposed to her.

The user, known as Parislili, began her account by expressing her continued love for her partner and her excitement about their upcoming marriage.

However, she couldn’t help but reveal her dissatisfaction with the proposal that took place during a trip to New York City, which left her feeling sad and let down.

The AITA subreddit is a popular online community where individuals seek opinions and advice on various moral and ethical dilemmas.

It’s a place where users share their stories and ask the community to judge whether they were in the wrong (the “a**hole”) or not in a given situation.

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In her post, Parislili recounted the events leading up to the proposal. The couple had been dating for about a year and had discussed their plans for engagement and marriage. Parislili had envisioned a romantic proposal, perhaps in a park or on a beach, but what she got was quite different.

On their first day in New York City, while getting ready in their hotel room, her fiancé abruptly popped the question with the TV blaring and the room seemingly cramped and dark. He had secretly recorded the moment, but when Parislili watched the video afterward, she couldn’t hear anything he was saying to her, and the setting looked far from the romantic backdrop she had imagined.

She confessed to feeling disappointed, even asking if it was a prank when he initially proposed. Although she eventually said yes and pretended to be excited, she was left with a sense of sadness and letdown.

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The crux of the issue lies in Parislili’s desire for a more thoughtfully planned and romantic proposal. She couldn’t understand why he had chosen the hotel room when the vibrant and iconic Times Square and the entire city of New York awaited them outside. She emphasized that her fiancé wasn’t one to shy away from crowds, considering his aspiration to become a theater teacher, so it wasn’t a matter of stage fright or fear of onlookers.

Parislili concluded her post by acknowledging the potential backlash of being labeled “ungrateful” but stressed her genuine wish that her fiancé had put more effort into creating a memorable proposal, even if it had taken place anywhere but that hotel room. Despite her feelings, she was torn because expressing her disappointment to her fiancé would likely devastate him.

In response to her post, many Redditers replied offering their opinion; some even gave their own engagement story.

One user, AshyJade77, wrote: “My now Husband proposed to me in the middle of the bush after trying to flex his Ute on a rock. We are Australian if that helps with context lol. He causally opened the ring box and said “well better get this over with”. It was not romantic at all but hey, he’s the most amazing husband I could have ever asked for and in the end that’s what matters right? I’m sorry you are disappointed, there’s a lot of pressure in this day and age for every moment to be executed in a certain way but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. And that’s OK. What matters is that the person you have said yes to treats you amazingly in normal, everyday life.”

Another user agreed with Parislili writing: “I’d be disappointed too. Was he so nervous he just had to get it out of the way?”

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