‘I’m a stripper and earn £6k a month – women scream when they see my penis size’

A buff dad pockets an extra £6,000 a month as a stripper. Jaden Nugent says the female attention his side hustle brings "never gets boring".

The 30-year-old thought he had signed up to become a topless waiter while looking for ways to earn spare money. But when he showed up to the interview, it was a job for stripping troupe UK Pleasure Boys.

He decided to go for it anyway – and a year on, the dad has "no regrets". Jaden is still working full-time as a floor layer but spends his spare time whipping his boxers off.

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Jaden, from West Midlands, also does solo performances and posts on an adults-only platform. The dad is happy to stay single while he's stripping as it makes him a big hit.

He said: "Being a stripper makes you very popular with the ladies. It's a signed contract guaranteeing you have a big willy. The shows are wild and they just keep growing – they're always rammed full.

"I won't lie, the first time I went and everyone was just getting naked backstage, I was like 'woah'. But now it's so natural – stripping off completely is my favourite part.

"The last song when the boxers come off – that never gets boring. When there's a crowd of 500 girls, they treat you like royalty – or like you're famous!

"I honestly love everything about it. You assume strippers will be arrogant and cocky but the lads are such a nice bunch. The best thing about the job is just how much fun I have every day."

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The dad-of-one was earning £23,000 as a WiFi installer when he decided to look for part-time work to help support his two-year-old son. He saw an ad and thought it was for a topless waiter.

But when he arrived he was told it was a stripping job for the Chippendale-esque UK Pleasure Boys. Jaden was successful and now performs across the country two nights a week.

He says it comes naturally now – and revealed he's gyrated on women as old as 78. Jaden admitted it makes him popular and many are willing to cheat on their partners at shows.

The dad said: "I'd go as far as saying half the girls there are in relationships – a lot of married women would be willing to give it all up for a night with a stripper!

"They want to sleep with a stripper once in their life – because you get the good body and the big penis. They think it'll be the best sex.

"When I'm on stage, the girls try to grab my penis aggressively because they think it's not real – but it is! It does hurt, it absolutely kills – they're definitely not gentle."

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Jaden also has an OnlyFans and does webcam shows with live strips and custom videos. But despite how racy it can get, he insists there's "no actual sex".

He pockets £6,000 a month from his stripping work and could "comfortably quit" his day job. While he knows stripping won't be an option forever, he plans to stick to his 9-5 job as a floor layer for when he gets older.

And his loved ones know about her kinky job as it's "not a secret". He continued: "I think my parents were shocked at first… until they realised how much money I would be earning!

"Everyone thinks the work is either amazing, or just funny – even other lads say 'fair play'."

The singleton isn't fussed about getting into a relationship as he's "too busy" at the moment. He also claimed getting into stripping has been the best decision of his life.

"I can actually save up now – it's made my son's future so much brighter. If I ever want to take him away for the weekend, I can," he concluded.

"The only bad bit of it is driving long distances to get to the shows – but even that isn't really a bad thing. I just love everything else!"

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