‘I’m world’s biggest AI model and planet’s hottest gran – men love the fantasy’

The 'world's hottest gran' has another feather to her cap – as she's now claiming to be the 'world's biggest AI model'.

Gina Stewart made headlines since 2018 when she entered a Maxim modelling competition in hopes to win money for a friend who suffered a stroke. And while the mum-of-four didn't win, her ageless looks earned her a place on the Maxim Australia Hot 100 list later that year.

Since then, the 53-year-old racked up an impressive fan base and Instagram following of hundreds and thousands of followers who love to her glam bikini shots.

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But, in the past year – the Aussie gran who claimed to have once dated the late Shane Warne – became "burnt out" from snapping sultry snaps herself. So, Gina had a bright idea.

She decided to step away from the camera to sit down at her computer to make an AI version of herself. Now, seven months after birthing AI Gina, the pixelated persona has been signed to a modelling agency and even covered on AI magazine Digital Divas.

With more than 500,000 Instagram followers and "lucrative" deals in the pipeline, Gina sees her virtual self as the biggest AI model on the planet – well, within our computer screens.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star about her rise to AI modelling fame, Gina said: "I started doing this because I was starting to get tired of constantly taking photos on social media since I had been doing it since 2018 when I went viral all over the world in the news media – especially after becoming a finalist in Maxim Australia and again a finalist in Maxim USA out of 35,000 younger girls.

"I thought my 15 minutes of fame would be over by now but for some reason I have been in the press monthly since 2018 till today. I needed time out to refresh and work on myself. I felt burnt out and I needed something new to challenge me.

"So the idea of using AI came to me as a good alternative and I pursue that path to the best of my abilities until it was perfected. I’m a perfectionist."

Now, Gina has created a 'perfect' version of herself in the form of her '28-year-old' AI model. Instead of having to strategically pose in an array of teeny bikini's, she submits saucy selfies into a software programme that does all of the hard work for her.

Her male followers often fill her comment section on Instagram with countless of compliments, falling head over heels for the AI. Gina has noticed her following has "skyrocketed" ever since as she believes men love the "fantasy" of a woman – even if that woman is not 'real'.

"My following has skyrocketed on social media and I’m the most followed AI girl in the world now," Gina claimed. "As you can see from my comments usually between 300 to 1000 comments sometimes per image. they love it.

"I guess it’s like superheroes that people pay to see at the movies. People love the entertainment and the fantasy and they love Spider-Man , Batman and Superman. None of them are real but everyone loves them.

"She’s basically famous in her own right and immortal. It’s lucrative and I have some companies reaching out with contracts in the pipeline coming together. It’s a fantasy, like Playboy of the 70s, the impossible beautiful woman and men just love them."

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Although Gina is still running her 'world's hottest gran' Instagram account, she's ready to banish the label she became synonymous with over the last five years.

For Gina, and perhaps the modelling world, AI is the future. She voiced: "I still run my worlds hottest grandma page on Instagram with over 150,000 followers but it’s just a label and I’m more than that. I don’t really want to be stereotyped.

"I have become extremely creative with the AI now and create it all myself. So I pose in the position that I want and then use that photo to create an AI scene and setting that I want. It’s more creative and I enjoy dreaming up what I’m going to do next."

You can find Gina on Instagram, here.

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