Millions of Brits set for cash injection with benefits to rise in line with inflation – how will it affect you? | The Sun

PENSIONERS and benefit claimants are set to receive a double boost on Wednesday's Autumn Statement – but the long-term sick will face tougher work assessments.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to leave the triple lock unchanged and raise benefits in line with the highest inflation rate.

In a major move, Mr Hunt is set to uprate benefits by 6.7 per cent, aligning with September's inflation rate.

There had been speculation the Chancellor would choose the October's 4.6 per cent inflation figure, instead, as it would have saved the Government around £3 billion.

He is also expected to increase the state pension by 8.5 per cent, keeping in step with the usual earnings measurement.

But Brits with mobility and mental-health problems will be told they could have their benefits reduced by nearly £4,680 if they fail to look for jobs they can do from home.



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It will apply to all new benefit claimants from 2025 and existing ones will be getting assurances that their right to benefits will not be reassessed if they look for a work-from-home job.

The decision is said to be based on evidence that over half those in the 2.4 million sick and disabled group who want to work do not do so because they are worried about being reassessed if it does not work out.

The Government says the changes to the 'work capability assessment' (WCA) reflect the modern world of work.

In a speech to an audience of local business and community leaders on Monday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the welfare system was not “sustainable”.

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He said: “Our view on the welfare system is that it should be compassionate, it should be fair and it should be sustainable …

“With over 2 million people of working age who are not currently working, that isn’t a good situation. It’s not sustainable for the country, for taxpayers. It’s not fair. But it’s also not compassionate to write people off."

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