One zodiac sign will have unluckiest month in November 2023

November is upon us and for one zodiac sign, this month may not be plain sailing.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust spoke to Yahoo about each star sign’s “unluckiest month” of 2023.

Aries’ unluckiest month was supposedly October, so hopefully this sign is due some luck.

However, according to Lisa, Gemini might have a rocky time over the next 30 days.

Gemini is having a very busy year, with new connections forming and an overflowing social calendar. 

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With very little time alone to rest and recuperate, Gemini could run the risk of burnout.

And while this sign does do well in chaotic situations, they must do what they can to set boundaries.

Gemini should be particularly aware of their stress levels during the full moon in Gemini (November 27).

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This sign might be forced to confront any problems and dilemmas they have been ignoring.

Lisa said: “The full moon in Gemini will force this sociable sign to confront whatever issues they’ve been avoiding in their personal life.

“Full moons stir up big emotions, so it’s likely you won’t feel up to the usual holiday festivities during this time either.”

Unluckiest month for each zodiac sign

Aries – October
Taurus – April
Gemini – November
Cancer – December
Leo – February
Virgo – August
Libra – September
Scorpio – May
Sagittarius – July
Capricorn – January
Aquarius – June
Pisces – March

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