‘Xmas is wild in my brothel – one guy wanted a sexy Home Alone obstacle course’

A legal brothel owner has spilled the beans on the odd requests her sex workers get over the festive period, including Christmas movie role play and Santa's 'naughty list' games.

Madam Bella Cummins, known as the longest-serving living legal brothel owner in the US, often shares tales from her trade. In the past, she's shared her views on virtual girlfriends, claiming that real-life sex workers are far "better" and how tech is messing with normal human behaviour.

Now, the 73-year-old has dished on the types of people who pop into the brothel during the holidays and the strange requests they make. "One of the more inventive sexy holiday role-play sessions involved a request inspired by the Christmas movie Home Alone," Madam Bella told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

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"A customer wanted to act like a holiday burglar and asked for help from sex workers to set traps along the hallways leading to their rooms to discourage his playful antics."

She continued: "The sex workers had a great time setting up surprises, like plastic buckets filled with lubricant that would drop on the client from doorways, strategically placing plastic spiders throughout this path to add a thrill, and even unleashing a flurry of feathers through the hallways to catch the client off guard when he thought he was gaining ground.

"Of course, the 'burglar' eventually made it to the bedroom, where he was tied up and properly 'disciplined' for his actions in a BDSM session."

Madam Bella, who runs Bella's Hacienda in Nevada, Las Vegas, US, has been in the business for nearly 40 years. Over time, she's seen all sorts of festive scenarios and says that clients have become "more creative".

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She revealed: "We often get couples that treat themselves to a brothel visit as a Christmas gift to each other. Recently, one couple decided to dress themselves as Mr and Mrs Claus and requested that three sex workers cosplay as Santa's elves.

"Let's just say that the mischievous elves assisted Santa and his wife in more ways than one. When it comes to Santa Claus roleplaying scenarios, the most popular by far involves the infamous 'naughty list'.

"In this scenario, a client dressed as Father Christmas passes judgement on their chosen sex worker. The [sex worker] finds herself on Santa's naughty list and must perform a series of tasks to earn back his favour.

"This twist on the dominant/submissive relationship becomes particularly fashionable during the holidays, although it is not entirely uncommon for sex workers to get requests for this during any season."

The brothel owner says she has noticed an increase in requests for company holiday party scenarios.

She explained: "In today's society, many men especially those in leadership positions are hesitant to make advances towards an attractive co-worker during business-sponsored events.

"These clients seek to explore their fantasy of making a move on a colleague at a company party without fear of shame or judgement. Lucky for them, in our fantasy, the lovely co-worker always returns the fondness and is eager to enjoy a quickie in the supplies closet."

Since the early 70s, prostitution has been legal in the state, attracting people from all over the world. While it's not unusual for those seeking companionship to visit during the festive season, Madam Bella says many come for some kinky Christmas fun.

She added: "There is a perception that men, who find themselves alone with no one to celebrate the season, seek warmth in the arms of friendly women. While it's true that we get our share of lonely individuals visiting us this time of year, the bulk of our holiday visitors are much more spirited and celebratory. Often, they want to share the season's sexy side through kinky role play."

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