England vs Bangladesh – Cricket World Cup: Latest scores and updates

England vs Bangladesh – Cricket World Cup LIVE: Jonny Bairstow is bowled for 52 as England’s century opening stand is broken by Shakib Al Hasan

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24th over: England 147-1 (Root 16, Malan 77)

Miraz returns and Root works him down the leg-side for a single, before Malan also takes a single by pushing the next deliveyry to deep cover.

England continue to rotate the strike as Root takes one off the next delivery, before two dot balls follow and Malan ends the over by taking a single.

23rd over: England 143-1 (Root 14, Malan 75)

Mustafizur is back into the attack and Root pulls out of the shot very late, causing the Bangladeshi bowler to twist awkardly as he looks to stop his delivery stride at the last moment.

Mustafizur loses his footing and hits the ground wincing in pain. He looks in real pain here as the physio gets to work on him, which seems to improve the situation somewhat.

He starts off with a full-length ball, which Root drives to extra cover for no runs, before Root mistimes his shot and chips one in the air, but it lands safe.

Malan pushes one down to mid-off for a single, before Root glides one to gully for no run and crunches one through the covers for a single and a dot ball ends a lengthy over.

22th over: England 140-1 (Root 12, Malan 74)

Shakib is back and starts off with a dot ball. The next delivery is flatter and on middle and leg, which Malan works down to deep backward square for a single.

Root picks one off the next delviery, which is floated just outside off, before Malan punches one to deep cover for two more as England continue to rattle along.

21th over: England 136-1 (Root 11, Malan 71)

Time for Miraz to come back. A full-length ball is clipped behind square by Root for a single, before Malan eases the next through the covers for one.

And then it’s time for some vintage Root, as he skips down the wicket to loft the ball straight past Miraz’s head for his first boundary.

The following delivery isn’t quite as vintage, as Root mishits one that sticks in the surface and is almost caught and bowled.

But he survives, and England take two more to end the over.

20th over: England 128-1 (Root 5, Malan 69)

Shakib concedes just a single off the first two balls of the over, before Malan gets four more. It’s a shortish ball outside off, Malan rocks back and cuts it to the boundary to the left of Tanzib, who runs across from deep point but makes a meal of it.

Shakib, understandbly, is not impressed.

19th over: England 123-1 (Root 4, Malan 65)

Taskin is back into the attack and Root defends the first two deliveries, before working one through mid-wicket for two runs. The next one is banged in short, but Root pulls it down to deep fine leg for a single.

Malan then picks Taskin off at will, seizing on a delivery just wide of off stump and smacking it over mid-wicket for four more.

18th over: England 116-1 (Root 1, Malan 61)

Joe Root comes at the crease and he gets off the mark with a single with the final ball of the over.

WICKET! 17.5 overs: Bairstow b Shakib 52 (England 113-1)

Shakib resumes proceedings and gives away two singles, but there’s sign of spins and beats Bairstow’s edge with his third delivery.

And then he strikes! The only bowler to have looked threatening so far, gets one to spin back past Bairstow and disturbs his furniture for a much needed breakthrough for Bangladesh.

17th over: England 113-0 (Bairstow 51, Malan 60)

Shoriful is back into the attack and Malan is intent on batting him out of it. He heaeves the first ball of the over away past deep backward square leg, with a rather agricultural shot.

Malan wasn’t in control of that at all, but has luck on his side. There’s nothing about the next delivery, however, which he deftly sends past the wicket-keeper for four more after brilliantly opening the face of the bat at the last second.

Shoriful comes back with a length ball on the stumps, which Malan defends well. An attempted short ball goes awry and is called a wide, before Malan guides a good length ball down to third man for a single.

Bairstow smacks the next to cover for one more, before a dot ends the over,

16th over: 50 for Bairstow (England 102-0)

Here’s the half-ton for Jonny Bairstow, on his 100th ODI cap. He clips a full length ball past square leg for two and brings up yet another fifty off 54 balls.

16th over: England 102-0 (Bairstow 50, Malan 51)

Drinks have been taken – or coffee, in our case – and Shakib is back to start proceedings after the break. He starts off with a dot ball Bairstow pushes to extra cover.

The England opener pushes one to long off for a single, before Malan gets a quick single as he flicks one to the right of mid-wicket and England bring their 100 up.

Two dots follow, before Bairstow brings up his 50.

15th over: England 98-0 (Bairstow 47, Malan 50)

Mahedi is back, but drags one down outside off which Bairstow thumps to the cover boundary for four!

A dot ball follows, but the next delivery is a full toss that goes badly wrong as YJB hoicks it behind backward square for a one-bounce four. Bairstow gets a single next, before Mahedi eventually restores some control with two dot balls.

14th over: England 89-0 (Bairstow 38, Malan 50)

A tight enough over from Shakib, but England continue to rotate the strike beautifully.

The fourth delivry hits Bairstow on the pads, but is not given by Paul Wilson and Bangladesh do not review.

13.3 over: 50 for Malan (England 88-0)

Malan brings up his first World Cup 50 by tickling one off the pads behind square on the leg-side. It’s taken him just 39 balls.

13th over: England 84-0 (Bairstow 36, Malan 48)

Miraz is into the attack and Malan pushes one out to the cover sweeper for a single, before Bairstow again picks up the length quickly to thrash the Bangladeshi spinner for four runs through cover.

YJB gives himself room to carve the ball in front of square and executes the shot beautifully.

Miraz floats one up full next, which is nudged down to long-on by Bairstow, before Malan takes a single off the next delivery.

Two dot balls end another good over for England.

12th over: England 77-0 (Bairstow 31, Malan 46)

Shakib is back and Bairstow takes a single off his first ball, slapping one through the covers. Malan, meanwhile, continues to deal in boundaries as he reverse-sweeps Shakib fine to deep third man for four more.

He takes a single through square leg next as Shakib pulls his length back just a fraction, before Bairstow slaps one down long-off for a single and then Malan flicks one to mid-on for one more.

11th over: England 69-0 (Bairstow 29, Malan 40)

Miraz replaces Mahedi into the attack and stars with a dot ball, as Malan pushes a flat delivery back to him. There’s no pushing the next ball, however, as the England man skips down the pitch and whips it through mid-on for four more.

Three dot balls follow, before Malan drives another through the field for four down through backward point!

10th over: England 61-0 (Bairstow 29, Malan 32)

Shakib is into the attack and starts with three dot balls, before Bairstow manages to work him away for a single through mid-off. Malan picks up one himself, before Shakib gets one to spin into Bairstow for a dot ball to end the over.

The powerplay is over and England are 61-0.

9th over: England 59-0 (Bairstow 31, Malan 28)

Time for a bit of spin for the first time today as Mahedi comes into the attack and immediately gives away as a single, as Malan drives one to long-off. England have their 50 up.

The next is fractionally short, but Bairstow picks up the length immediately and thrashes it for four through the leg-side. He picks up another single after working one through mid-on, before Malan lifts hammers Mahedi back down the ground for four.

He actually mistimes the shot, but the ball skips to the rope anyway and he won’t mind that. Mahedi comes back with two dot balls to end the over.

8th over: England 49-0 (Bairstow 23, Malan 26)

Bairstow looks disgruntled with the PA system blaring out loud music, winning the hearts of all of those who abhor being needlessly pumped out at sporting events.

Anyway, I digress. Shoriful is back, with a length ball on fourth stump followed by one a touch fuller and YJB defends both to extra cover for no run.

Another dot follows, but the next delivery is asking to be smacked for four and Bairstow duly obliges, clattering it through cover point. Too short and far too wide from Shoriful, who then concedes two more as Bairstow chops a back of a length delivery through square leg.

7th over: England 43-0 (Bairstow 17, Malan 26)

Mustafizur is back into the attack and starts off by conceding a single to Malan, who digs a short one into the leg side, just evading the fielder. Bairstow gets a single after a mistimed swipe deflects behind point.

Malan defends the next delivery, but then launches Mustafizur into the crowd again. It’s slightly short and wide, Malan rolls his wrists and plants into the crowd for his second six of the day.

It’s four next! Mustafizur looks for a low full toss, which Malan pumps down the ground through mid-on.

6th over: England 31-0 (Bairstow 16, Malan 15)

Shoriful smacks Bairstow on the pads with an absolute beauty of a delivery, but Shakib decides against a review. Smart move it is too as the ball tracker shows the delivery pitches just outside the line of leg stump.

Bairstow clips the second ball of the over through square leg for a single, before Malan picks up an easy one after a dot ball.

A good over from Bangladesh comes to a disappointing end as Bairstow hammers Shoriful through mid-off for four. Just slightly too full from the Bangladeshi bowler.

5th over: England 25-0 (Bairstow 11, Malan 14)

An eventful over comes to an end, with Malan plundering 10 runs from it after surviving an early appeal from Bangladesh.

4.4 overs: SIX – (England 25-0)

Malan goes again! He picks Mustafizur’s next delivery off with ease, planting it into the stands after stepping across his stumps.

4.3 overs: FOUR – (England 19-0)

Mustafizur overpitches one slightly and Malan hammers it past extra cover, where the fielder should have done better, for four.

4.1 overs: Bangladesh review, Malan not out

Bangladesh think they have a wicket, after Malan looks to have edged one behind off the bowling of Mustafizur.

There was a clean noise, but Ahsan Raza is unmoved and Bangladesh review the decision immediately.

It turns out Raza was right, as the ball struck Malan on the shoulder on the way to the wicket-keeper and the England man survives.

4th over: England 15-0 (Bairstow 11, Malan 4)

Mustafizur bounces back well from conceding a boundary, with four straight dot balls helped by some excellent fielding.

3.2 overs: FOUR – England (15-0)

Taskin bangs one into the surface, which Bairstow disdainfully pulls for four through midwicket. Lovely shot from the England batter and, as Eoin Morgan notes on commentary, the first sign of aggression from YJB.

3rd over: England 11-0 (Bairstow 7, Malan 4)

Mustafizur begins his second over with a good length on fourth stump, which Bairstow pushes to point for no run. Another dot follows, as short fine leg cuts off Bairstow’s attempt to work one away behind square.

And then it’s a swing and a miss from YJB, who flashes at a wide one but doesn’t connect. He prods the next ball down the leg-side for a single, before Malan defends down the wicket calmly.

There’s little calm to the final delivery of the over, however, as the England opener flashes his bat at a full length ball and misses.

2nd over: England 10-0 (Bairstow 6, Malan 4)

After conceding a boundary with his first ball, Taskin comes back with two dots ball and, again, there’s a slight hint of shape away from the batsman.

Bairstow looks to hammer the next delivery through the covers again, but slightly mistimes it. A misfield from Shanto, however, allows England to pick up a single.

Two dot balls follow, the second of which rises slightly into Malan’s hips.

1.1 overs: FOUR – England (9-0)

Taskin opens with a wideish delivery, which Bairstow duly dispatches to the boundary for four through the covers. It prompts a quick change of fielding from Bangladesh.

1st over: England 5-0 (Bairstow 1, Malan 4)

Mustafizur opens with a short delivery, which Bairstow defends calmly for no run. The England batter prods the second down the wicket and is off the mark with a quick single. There’s a bit of shape on the third and fourth delivery, with just a hint of swing away from Malan, as the ball beats the edge twice. Mustafizur’s next ball is straighter and Malan blocks it down the wicket, before cover driving the final delivery of the over for four!

First ball

Jonny Bairstow and Dawid Malan make their way to the crease and Mustafizur Rahman will open the bowling for Bangladesh. Here we go!

Anthems time

With perfect timing, Sky Sports’ broadcast goes down just as the teams walk out onto the pitch. After a brief panic, we get pictures and sound back just in time for the national anthems.

We start with Bangladesh, followed by God Save the King. It’s a stunning day to play cricket in Dharamshala, but the stands are again far from full.

You’d suspect that may be a recurring theme at this World Cup, apart from games involving India.

A special day for Jonny Bairstow

It’s a special day for Jonny Bairstow, who wins his 100th ODI cap for England.

Jos Buttler: 'The outfield is poor'

Jos Buttler has pulled no punches over the nature of the outfield in Dharamshala, describing it as ‘poor’ and crossing his fingers that ‘no one picks up an unfortunate injury’.

Asked if he had any concerns about, he replied: ‘Yeah, a few. I think it’s poor. Any time you’re talking about being careful diving, it goes against everything you want to be as a team.

‘You want to dive through a row of houses to save a run. We won’t use it as an excuse: we’ll adapt to it. But certainly, if you feel like you’re having to hold yourself back, it’s not a place you want to be in a World Cup match.’

You can read more here.

All eyes on the outfield

Nestled on the foothills of the Himalaya, the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium has a legitimate claim to be one of the most picturesque cricket grounds in the world.

That is before one inspects the outfield, that is.

The unsatisfactory nature of the surface became clear during Bangladesh’s match at the venue against Afghanistan on Saturday, when Afghan spinner Mujeeb Ur Rahman was lucky to escape without serious injury after trapping his knee in the sandy turf.

Incredibly, the ICC rated the outfield for that game as ‘average’, before match referee Javagal Srinath and ICC pitch consultant Andy Atkinson gave it a clean bill of health ahead of Tuesday.

Conditions in Dharamshala are usually favourable to seam bowling – more so than any other major ground in India – but Saturday’s pitch played slow.

Bangladesh team news

Bangladesh also make one change to the team that beat Afghanistan, as Mamadullah comes out and in comes off-spinning allrounder Mahedi Hasan.

Bangladesh XI: Litton Das, Tanzid Hasan, Najmul Hossain Shanto, Mehidy Hasan Miraz, Shakib Al Hasan (capt), Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Towhid Hridoy, Mahedi Hasan, Taskin Ahmed, Shoriful Islam, Mustafizur Rahman

England team news

England make one change to the team that was thrashed by New Zealand, with Reece Topley coming into the side in place of Moeen Ali.

Conditions in Dharamshala tend to favour seam bowlers over spinners, so no surprises there.

England XI: Bairstow, Malan, Root, Brook, Buttler (wk, capt), Livingstone, Woakes, Curran, Rashid, Wood, Topley.

Bangladesh win the toss and bowl

Bangladesh win the toss and Shakib Al Hasan opts to field first. Jos Buttler confirms England would have also chosen to bowl first.


And so onto Dharamshala, then. Cliched as it may seem, the northernmost venue of the tournament- which is home to the Dalai Lama – could already prove to be a crucial juncture in England’s World Cup defence.

New Zealand dismantled the reigning world champions by nine wickets in just over 36 overs on Thursday, leaving them rooted to the bottom of the table in the 10-team group stage.

With the top four going through to the semi-finals, England can’t afford another defeat and must improve their run rate, which currently stands at a dismal -2.149.

Bangladesh, meanwhile, kicked off their tournament with a six-wicket against Afghanistan and will be looking to repeat their 2011 and 2015 exploits, when they condemned England to embarrassing defeats.

Good morning!

Good morning and welcome to Mail Sport’s coverage of England’s second match at the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Jos Buttler’s men take on Bangladesh in Dharamshala looking to get their title defence back on track after a humbling at the hands of the New Zealand in the tournament opener on Thursday.

Coming up we will have all the latest from the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, with team news and the toss.

Start of play is scheduled for 6am BST, which should give us all just in time to make a cup of coffee. Or perhaps two, given the early start today.


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