Phil Bardsley SLAMMED for 'washing' son's mouth out with shampoo

Former Man United star Phil Bardsley and Real Housewives wife Tanya are slammed by fans for pretending to wash out their seven-year-old son’s mouth with shampoo – after catching him telling his brother to ‘f*** off’

  • The 38-year-old assistant manager of Macclesfield received angry comments
  • His wife Tanya, 42, said in an Instagram post that ‘honestly the world is serious’
  • Manchester United in a mess – they have a collapse in them – It’s All Kicking Off

Ex-Manchester United player Phil Bardsley has been slammed for pretending to wash his son’s mouth out with shampoo for swearing. 

The 38-year-old, who is currently assistant manager at Macclesfield, was filmed by his The Real Housewives of Cheshire star wife Tanya playfully pinning down his youngest son Ralphi to the bathroom floor.

Tanya, 42, asks the boy ‘are you getting soap in your mouth’, to which Phil replies: ‘Yep. Pantenne, that’ll do.’

The retired defender then jokingly tries to pull away the towel and put soap in his mouth as Tanya adds: ‘You won’t swear again will ya.’

After posing the clip to her 573,000 followers on Instagram the couple have drawn criticism from people, with one person claiming it was ‘disturbing’.

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This is the moment Bardsley playfully pins down his son to pretend to put soap in his mouth

The former Sunderland defender and his wife Tanya have drawn widespread criticism

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A comment underneath the post read: ‘Am I the only one who finds a grown man pinning down a child on a hard floor and pouring chemicals into his mouth disturbing and abusive no matter how much he swears!!!’

Another said: ‘It’s not funny to post a video joking about child abuse because people that do really do that are abusive.’

However, many parents found no issue with the video, with one saying: ‘It’s family banter you can see that it’s not malicious… Old ways didn’t hurt us.’

Another also joked: ‘The amount of soap I had as a kid and I’m still alive.’

A third also added: ‘You can clearly see the child isn’t distressed or harmed. Jesus the child is giggling… lets face it we have all play fighted with our kids.’

Tanya originally posted the video with this caption: ‘Going back to old school treatment because nothing else has worked for our little potty mouth Ralphi doodle.

The ex-Man United player made eight appearances for the Red Devils between 2003-2008

Bardsley’s wife Tanya, 42, is a star on reality television series The Real Housewives of Cheshire

The 38-year-old is now an assistant manager at Macclesfield following his retirement 

‘He told his brother to f*ck off. No kids were harmed in the making of this video. For the wrapped Karen’s in the comments, no shampoo was put in his mouth and Ralphi was just laughing.

‘FFS. Honestly the world is so serious and thrives on being offended and judging these days.’

Bardsley made eight appearances for United and also played for Sunderland, Burnley, and Stoke. 


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