Travis Kelce says he 'would love to take' Taylor Swift on a date

Taylor Swift: Travis Kelce is ‘absolutely interested’ in pop star and ‘would love to take’ her on a ‘date’ if she ‘would give him a chance’

  • Travis finally broke his silence on rumors that he and Swift are dating on ESPN
  • Swift finds Travis ‘very charming’ but the NFL’er is ’embarrassed by the attention’
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Travis Kelce has indicated that he ‘would love to take’ Taylor Swift out on a ‘date’ if she were recipient to the idea, a source has exclusively told, after the Chiefs tight end invited the pop star to come and watch him play in an NFL game. 

On Thursday, Travis confirmed rumors suggesting that he and Swift, who are both 33, have been quietly getting to know each other while appearing on the Pat McAfee show on ESPN

And while it seems like the pair are taking things rather slowly, a source exclusively revealed to that ‘Travis and Taylor are talking and Travis is absolutely interested.’

‘He has shot his shot and would love to take Taylor on a date and see where they can go in the relationship department. The one problem that they have now is that their schedules are so all over the place that it is difficult to get together without being seen and everything else that comes from being the celebrities that they are.

‘It isn’t organic to Travis and his liking, but he certainly likes the rumors, because he actually would love to date Taylor if she would give him a chance.’ 

Travis Kelce would ‘love to date’ Taylor Swift if she’d ‘give him a chance, a source told DailyMail

Travis dared Swift to come to one of his NFL  games after he recently saw her rock Arrowhead

Travis’ apparent fling with Swift has made headlines over the last week, but up until now, the two-time Super Bowl champion was quiet over reports – with most of the information being leaked by his brother, and Philadelphia Eagles center, Jason.

‘It’s hilarious how much traction this has actually got,’ Travis said. ‘I think right now it’s like that old game at school, ‘Telephones’, where everyone is just whispering in each other’s ears and hearing some random stuff… no-one actually knows what’s going on.

‘Especially when you’ve got Jason Kelce going on national television and telling both sides… he doesn’t know, it’s true, it’s this and that. 

‘He goes on Thursday Night Football and the first thing he brings up is ‘Catching Kelce’, and then not even a week later he’s telling everyone it’s 100 percent true.

Swift’s yet to comment on her apparent fling with Travis, who’s a two-time Super Bowl champ’

Travis said ‘he threw the ball’ in Swift’s court over a recent invite that they should go on a date

‘The guy is ridiculous, he can’t stay out of the fricking headlines. He was on the show yesterday saying everyone thinks he’s the Ian Rapoport of my dating relationships… everyone, please stop asking my brother about my love life.’

Travis proceeded to spill the beans from the horse’s mouth, as he indicated that he has been speaking to and hanging out with the pop star lately – and even gave her a very tempting invite. 

‘It’s life, baby,’ Travis further said. ‘I threw it out there, I threw the ball in her court. 

‘I said, ”I’ve seen you rock the stage in Arrowhead, you might have to come see me rock the stage in Arrowhead, and see which one’s a little more lit.”

‘We’ll see what happens in the near future. Alright, nowwwww.’ 

Swift reportedly finds Travis ‘very charming’ but the American football star is said to be a little ’embarrassed’ about how much attention their now-confirmed romance is getting, according to The Messenger.


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