Landlord says he ‘always wins’ after cutting hole in tenant’s door with chainsaw

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    A furious landlord who pulled out a chainsaw on a tenant after reaching the end of his tether said he's not afraid of legal trouble because he "always wins".

    Samuel Leeds, co-owner at Property Tribes, a private forum for landlords, took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a video of him cutting a huge hole in the PVC front door of one of his properties with a chainsaw.

    In the clip Samuel can be seen cutting a rectangular shape into the door, before booting it through.

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    “This is what happens when you stop paying and refuse to leave my property,” he wrote. He then bullishly added: “Sue me. You’re a guest and have no rights.”

    Speaking to the Daily Star Samuel said most people that pay to stay in his properties are legally not tenants, but guests because they stay there on a Guest Terms of Hire, not the usual Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) contract.

    "They have the same rights as people staying at a hotel. If they don’t pay, they simply can’t stay," he said.

    And asked if he was afraid of any legal reprisals, Samuel said that he backs himself.

    "I am not at all worried about legal troubles. I took rigorous legal advice before entering the property and have a large team of lawyers that work for me. I’ve been to court many times and always win," he said.

    The type of contract Samuel offered his tenant, essentially his customer, is one that means they 'hire' the property from him for a short time, subject to a contract between the property owner and the property renter.

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    "Most of my tenants are fabulous, but the odd bad one give tenants a bad name," he said, adding that he was happy to see peoples' reaction seemed to favour him.

    But on social media, it wasn't clear whether this was the case as plenty of people pointed out that he had damaged his own property.

    Community Notes also shed doubt on whether it was a genuine incident or a stunt.

    It read: "This person is known for making outlandish claims for engagement and has presented no evidence that this is the result of an eviction.

    "Additionally, it is illegal for anyone other than a court bailiff to carry out an eviction, further casting doubt on the post."

    But Samuel said the police were even involved.

    He added: "They [the tenant] called the police who came out within minutes. The police asked to see their contract and ended up telling them they had no choice but to leave. The police helped them pack their bags."

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