Model swept into sea during shoot ‘thought she would die’ as she shows injuries

A model who had a lucky escape after a "photoshoot gone wrong" has described how she "thought she was going to die" when waves sucked her into the sea and her glam dress weighed her down.

The model, Kate Loshkareva, who goes by "Russian Kate" on Instagram, said she was trying to act like supermodel Bella Hadid but "ended up like Jack from Titanic" after she was hit by the wave and pulled out to sea in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, in September.

The 26-year-old from Los Angeles is seen posing in a long blue dress before she is surprised by a large swell and loses her balance before falling off the rocks and into the water. She tries to cling onto the rocks but disappears from sight.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, Kate described how serious the situation was. "When I was underwater I thought I was going to die," she said.

"My body went into a shock and the weight of the dress pulled me to the bottom of the ocean."

Kate was saved just after she was sucked into a nearby cave.

"The current pulled me under water and I had to cover up my face so my head wouldn’t shatter against the rocks," she said.

"My life flashed in front of me and I just kept praying. I kept thinking my mom is going to kill me.

"I knew no one could rescue me when I was inside the cave. The water levels kept rising and if I wasn’t going to climb out of a cave, I was going to drown."

Somehow Kate managed to wriggle out of the cave as emergency services descended on the scene.

"So many people online are claiming that I died and many more are pretending to be me so I just wanted to set the record straight that I am alive!" she said.

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She escaped with just minor injuries. "My legs were all bruised up and swollen and I couldn’t walk/swim for weeks," she added. "It’s a miracle that I survived.

"I later found out that so many people died there."

And somehow, just before she was swept away by the sudden waves her photographer pal managed to get a stunning shot.

"I am surprised the shot came out as good as it did but definitely would not recommend it to anyone," she said after being asked was the ordeal worth the resulting photograph.

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