Models strip naked and pose with giant fish for 2024 ‘erotic carp calendar’

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    A surreal calendar that features 12 beautiful ladies posing with live giant carp has gone on sale with its 2024 edition.

    The Carponizer Carp Calendar 2024, which costs just shy of £25, is a niche market product produced in Germany for avid fishers and has gained popularity year on year. The 2023 edition cost a relatively cheap £16.20.

    The newest offering, much like every other year, features scantily clad or naked models posing with giant carp – who were caught just before they were handed to the girls to hold while they posed.

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    This, of course, has attracted ire from animal rights activists in the past, with PETA's Elisa Allen telling LADbible in December 2022 that the Carponizer calendar caters to 'sociopaths'.

    She also argued that it is impossible for it be made without harming the fish. But Hendrik Pöhler, who founded the calendar back in 2014, said the fish are immediately released after the shoot and not harmed.

    "What goes best with good looking carp?" he asked. "Scantily clad women, of course."

    The calendar is shot over several weeks at Lake Fishabil, a carp-fishing hotspot in Brittany, France.

    “Fishing is one of the biggest hobbies in the world, and the Carponizer erotic carp calendar is conquering the world," Pöhler previously claimed.

    He explained: “The calendar is popular for two reasons – the idea is very special, but very easy. Most men love to go fishing and they also love beautiful women, so why not combine them?”

    Hendrik added: “The shoot for the calendar was very elaborate.

    “Everything must be perfect – good weather, beautiful models, a perfect carp which must be caught before.

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    “So it could take hours or even days to take each photo.”

    A selection of images from the calendar show a variety of women in striking beachwear – and some even bra-less, while covering their modesty with a vest jacket – as they pose with the huge fish.

    The official description of the product states: "During the photoshoot, two competent caretakers ensured that the scaly protagonists were well taken care of.

    "Of course, it was also important to ensure that the enchanting human models felt as comfortable as possible in both wet and dry scenes.

    "The impressive result of the photoshoot was twelve formidable and unmissable images for the Carponizer Carp Calendar."

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