Our 'Lord of the Manor' pub boss makes ALL rules & is 'starving our town of oxygen' – you say one bad word & you're out | The Sun

A FEARED 'Lord of the Manor' has been slammed for "starving" his "town of oxygen" as he forces people out for swearing and playing music.

The controversial pub boss, who owns the Angel and White Horse, in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, has sparked outrage among the village for the last 40 years.

Humphrey Smith, who boasts 200 boozers across the UK, is notorious for his strict and old fashioned rules.

The 79-year-old has banned punters from swearing, playing music, and sitting down to scroll on their phones – in fact the devices are outlawed altogether unless they're used to pay for drinks.

These beverages are also exclusively supplied by Samuel Smith Old Brewery, as reported by The Times.

Another bizarre rule the boss imposes is only permitting couples to run Smith chains.

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Those who have fallen short of his odd standards in the past have quickly been given the axe and found themselves turfed out of their pub.

They include Eric and Tracey Lowery, who ran a pub called the Fox and Goose in Worcestershire – the pair were booted out and made homeless after a Smith employee heard customers swearing.

At the time, a devastated Eric wrote on social media: "I’m so sorry Mr Smith [has] been down and shut the pub.

"I love all you people that have stood by me and Tracey and have looked after us.”

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While the heartbroken couple bowed out gracefully, one local previously claimed the pub had been impeccably run and Smith had no valid reason to shut down operations.

Elsewhere, in Sheffield, the Cow and Calf boozer in Grenoside was allegedly given the chop after Smith visited and left unimpressed.

Managers Louise and Steve Brownhill did not have a freezer that day and were unable to serve desserts – later the same day they announced the pub had been closed.

Smith's behaviour has sparked outrage among Tad homeowners for years, but fear opposing him due to his army of lawyers.

But, town local Patrick Tunney has called out the harsh businessman on his callous attitude towards employees and "baffling" actions.

The 83-year-old said: “We have a laird of the manor who dominates our town.

“It’s as if our town is being starved of oxygen. There is no competition because he owns so much of it.

"I believe he is a very astute businessman and he does notable good works in our town, but those do not preclude the negatives.”

Someone else said: “Sometimes Humphrey gives the impression of being a man born in the wrong century.

“I honestly think he would have been much happier living in the 19th century.”

And, even the town council admitted to the Daily Mail that “if Humphrey Smith were bumped off tomorrow, you’d have about 6,000 suspects".

Meanwhile, town council member Chris Metcalfe, confessed: "We have our own particular issues, including a single landlord who dominates the town."

The disgruntled local claimed Smith's brewery has snapped up land over the years and left properties to crumble into "eyesores" plaguing the town.

It’s as if our town is being starved of oxygen. There is no competition because he owns so much of it."

“Even with the [house] shortage we have, the brewery still has all these empty properties," he said.

"A house is bought, the years pass and then you realise it has sat empty for 20 years."

Despite what appear to be coldhearted strategies running his empire, Smith has been praised for his cheap prices.

A room at one of his hotels will set holidaymakers back just £45 per night and they are treated to a hot breakfast.

And, a Tad youth support worker claimed to like the businessman.

Kirsty Poskitt said: “I know Humphrey and I like him.

“There’s a media presentation of him as some sort of Dickensian baddie. That is not the man I know. He’s polite and passionate about our town.”

She even agreed with Smith's unusual pub rules surrounding using your mobile phone.

“Who wants to go for a drink with someone who is constantly looking at their phone?” she continued.

“But I suppose the problem is people don’t like being told they can’t do that.”

In addition, most people agree when Smith does renovate a property, he completes the job with passion and usually impresses.


Not much is known about Smith, other than he lives in a grade II listed country manor called Oxton Hall with his wife Julia.

The couple are said to be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary soon and share two children together.

Unlike her husband, Julia is spoken highly of in the local community.

One resident previously said: “She’s lovely, utterly charming — goodness knows what she sees in him."

Smith's children seem to have followed in his footsteps, with daughter Maude running her own Victorian style homeware brand.

There’s a media presentation of him as some sort of Dickensian baddie. That is not the man I know. He’s polite and passionate about our town.”

Meanwhile, son Samuel – reported to inherit the controversial pub chain – now oversees his father's London branches.

Samuel Smith's Brewery was contacted for comment.

This comes as other British pubs have been dubbed the "strictest" in the UK.

The Canny Man’s in Edinburgh has long baffled tourists with the no-nonsense list of rules on its front door.

They state: "No smoking, no credit cards, no mobile phones, no camera, no backpackers."

Meanwhile, another landlady claims to be the harshest in Britain – the Royal Oak in Flint, North Wales, will boot out any drinker who use their mobile phones and TVs are banned.

Punters are also forced out if they are caught swearing.

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