Russia, China and North Korea will ‘grab what they want’ under ‘New World Order’

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    Russia, China and North Korea may use the Israeli-Hamas conflict as a smokescreen to push for a New World Order, experts have said.

    Analysts reckon the conflicts threatening to explode from the current crisis create the opportunity for autocrats and dictators to up their efforts to disrupt the global powers.

    It comes as the Israeli army prepares for a ground assault on Gaza in response to the horrific Hamas attack on Israeli civilians, killing around 1,400 people and taking a further 200 hostage.

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    While the world focuses its attention on Israel and Palestine and the threat of this conflict igniting a full-scale war in the Middle East, experts warn of the risks brewing elsewhere.

    Russia expert Keir Giles says "polycrisis is the new normal", as he noted Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un will watch how the West deals with the crisis and multiple conflicts unfolding at the same time.

    He told The Sun it could be an open invitation for autocratic regimes to cause more problems, adding: "They will grab what they want while they can get away with it."

    If the Israel-Hamas conflict continues to hold the world's gaze, the risk of other states in the Middle East being drawn into it increases, according to Uppsala University's professor Ashok Swain.

    This increases the possibility of the US, UK and NATO becoming tangled up in it as well. Professor Swain said: “China and Russia are waiting for the diffusion of the conflict to take place.

    “The Middle East has been the epicentre of [their] new superpower rivalry for several years now, and this ‘war’ provides an opening for both power centres to measure their strengths."

    Admiral Lord West said the Israel situation is "fantastic" for Putin as the focus has shifted away from Ukraine, "so the more he can stoke it up, the happier he'll be."

    Admiral Lord West also warned that Ukraine will pay the price of this as supplies and support are into this new war. "One war eases the pressure in another war," he said.

    It's also feared that Beijing might take this opportunity to take Taiwan, finally acting on its increasing military provocations across the South China Sea.

    Seth Jones, an expert at Center for Strategic and International Studies, said that this was the most aggressive period the FBI has ever seen regarding Chinese activity, adding: "The system is blinking red right now."

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