Russian soldier cheats death as bullet is stopped by phone in his pocket

A Russian soldier cheated death when a sniper’s bullet hit his mobile phone in his chest pocket.

His Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite phone was destroyed, but the soldier didn’t even realise he had been shot until after the impact.

The powerful blast completely wrecked his phone, leaving a hole and some remnants of the bullet in the device. However, the fighter, whose name is not known, lived through the “combat mission” unharmed.

The soldier shared online the moments leading up to and following his brush with death during active service in Ukraine’s war.

When asked whether he grasped that a sniper had shot at him immediately, he confirmed: “I heard one bang, yes, there was only one shot.”

Covering himself from death and addressed as “lucky” by the interviewer, the Russian soldier also explained that no explosions followed and “the bullet was stuck in the phone”.

The bullet crept into a gap in the thick armour plating the man was wearing, embedding itself in his phone.

A Telegram channel reported the incident, confirming that the soldier was hit by a bullet but not seriously injured.

The message stated: “The fighter was shot by a sniper while performing his combat mission.

The enemy bullet slipped between the plates of his body armour and hit his phone without causing serious damage to our soldier.”

This comes as the standoff between Russian and Ukrainian forces continues.

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