Three female youths punch two women in the head at London station

Shocking moment three female youths punch two women in the head on station platform in south London ‘after robbery on board train’

  • British Transport Police said a 22-year-old woman had to be treated at hospital

This is the shocking moment that three female youths launched a terrifying attack on two women on a London station platform, punching them both in the head after a robbery on board a train.

The group of women are seen cornering the first victim and screaming at her as shocked onlookers watch on from inside a train at Penge East railway station in south-east London.

Video footage filmed from one of the train carriages shows one of the attackers, dressed in a matching grey tracksuit, swinging her right fist at the woman and connecting with her head.

As the other two youths trap the 22-year-old woman up against a Lion King West End poster, she then walks around the other side and lands another blow on the victim.

A second woman then joins in and throws a punch at the helpless woman who has been treated for minor injuries in hospital, according to British Transport Police. 

The third woman then swings a shocking blow with her left arm before the trio finally leave the first victim alone. The terrifying assault took place at around 9.20pm on Sunday. Officers said a robbery on board a train and at the station took place.

This is the shocking moment that three women launched a terrifying attack on two girls on a south London station platform after a robbery on board a train. Here, they are seen trapping the victim up against the wall

The woman in the grey tracksuit can be seen attacking from the right hand side and then walking around to the left to land another blow

The three attackers then leave the injured woman and walk down the platform before attacking a second victim

As they walk back down the train platform, the attacker in the grey tracksuit then turns to a second woman in an orange hoodie and punches her in the head.

The other two attackers then follow suit and both land brutal blows on the victim in quick succession as she cowers up against the wall. One attacker punches the woman in the stomach and the other swings at her head.

The three culprits then appear to approach the train to get on before the video cuts off. 

The shocking 29 second clip was filmed by one of the passengers on a train. One onlooker is heard saying: ‘Oh my god’. 

After the video was widely circulated online, outrages social media users also condemned the attack.

One user said: ‘Absolutely out of control!’

Another posted: ‘Out of control with no sense of wrong doing. No police on patrol. No security at the station. This will get much much worse.’

A third added: ‘That’s horrific, absolute gang mentality on that poor girl.’

The out of control attacker brutally punches the woman in orange in the face before walking off

A second attacker then punches the cowering victim in the stomach and she is followed by the third

The third attacker punches the victim in the face before all three flee and the video cuts off

British Transport Police told MailOnline that there had been a robbery on the train and at the station.

A spokesman said: ‘Officers were called to Penge East Railway Station at around 9.20pm on Sunday (17 September) following reports of an assault and robbery on board a train and at the station.

‘The victim, a 22-year-old woman, later went to hospital with minor injuries.’

MailOnline understands no arrests have been made. 

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