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RESIDENTS of a picturesque seaside town say visitors drive them crazy with the same mistake.

Locals in Teignmouth, Devon, are blessed with golden sands, historic architecture,  transport links and scenic views nearby.

And while inhabitants of the 15,000 strong resort town are known for being kind and friendly, they say that there is one thing tourists do that gets on their nerves.

Some have expressed frustration at visitors' consistent struggle to correctly pronounce the name of their beloved home. 

Northerners might be inclined to pronounce it as "tine-muhth", akin to Tynemouth, the renowned beach town on Newcastle's coast.

On the other hand, those in the south may argue for a pronunciation closer to "tane-mouth", in line with its spelling.

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However, both camps would be mistaken, as the locals have settled on a unique pronunciation: "Tin-muth", reports the Express.

The name Teignmouth translates to "mouth of the stream" from its original moniker, Tengemua.

Teignmouth's appeal as a top tourist spot is further enhanced by its diverse local environment.

The town's scenic seaside is complemented by lush countryside and verdant greenery, offering visitors a unique blend of natural beauty.

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Tourists can also take a leisurely stroll through the stunning town streets, adorned with a delightful mix of Georgian buildings and even the occasional palm tree.

The charming town is known for its diverse city streets and vibrantly painted homes.

Teignmouth is one of several in Devon that is frequently mispronounced thanks to its similarity to another seaside town and tricky spelling.

Visitors can also see the sights nearby, walking around the Coombe Valley local nature reserve or RSPB Labrador Bay slightly further along the coast.

It comes after residents of another small village revealed the chaos that comes with living next to the site of one of the UK's most popular festivals – Boardmasters.

Locals of Porth, Cornwall, see up to 50,000 tourists flock to the area to enjoy five days of sun, surfing and live music every year.

And locals of a picturesque seaside town loved by Prince William and Princess Kate told how their area is also being ruined by tourists.

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It was recently a filming location for the House of the Dragon – and the Prince and Princess of Wales famously had a home close by in Bodorgan.

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