Wrestling Royal Marines baffle passers-by as they kick each other in privates

Brits have been left scratching their heads over a bizarre Remembrance Day exhibition by members of the armed forces.

Footage has been doing the rounds on the social media platform known as X, formerly Twitter, showing a compilation of Marines pulling off some impressive fight moves inside London’s Waterloo station. With a Marine Commando crash mat laid on the floor, the servicemen take it in turns to flip one another over much to the delight of the crowd.

The speed and force involved are remarkable, although it is hard to tell how much the trained fighters are trying to hurt one another, and how much is careful choreography. The slams are hard and the gymnastics impressive although one move in particular has rocked viewers of the clip.

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A brutal upward swinging boot catches one of the troops between the legs from behind in a savage move that anyone who has ever had testicles will know to be nothing but pure agony. The fight clip was shared by the dedicated armed forces channel BFBS Radio, and in the montage the outlet even replayed the horrific nutcracker in slow motion.

The clip, captioned, “OUCH! Feel sick watching that… Not gonna lie… Royal Marines at London Poppy Day,” has been viewed over 3.3million times at the time of writing receiving over 1,000 likes – but not everyone is a fan.

The clip was reposted by comedian and podcaster Carl Donnelly, who made the point: “In my opinion, nothing honours those who gave their lives more than kicking your mate in the spuds outside Pret while a bunch of commuters look on.”

People in the comments of his post, which had been viewed over 800k times and liked 6.3k times, were largely in agreement. One person commented: “Give generously this poppy day, they need money to treat servicemen who have had their 'nads kicked into their chests.”

Another commented: “Nothing says remembrance like finding a Marine’s b******* at the far end of Platform 14…”

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