David Eason Posts New Photos Of His Supposedly Good Relationship With Jenelle Evans’ Son Jace…

It appears David Eason is trying to do whatever he can to try and clear his name amid these latest abuse allegations.

As previously reported, Jenelle Evans‘ 14-year-old son Jace has run away three times from the family’s home in North Carolina since August. After he went missing and was found safe last week, Child Protective Services took the teenager into their custody to investigate the situation. And Jenelle’s mom Barbara claimed he told police David had physically attacked him — and he’d been “hiding” from him! The boy also had “visible marks on his neck and arm.” Horrific.

Jenelle and David have repeatedly denied the allegations on social media. And now, David is back on Facebook again — posting pictures in an attempt to prove his supposedly good relationship with Jace. On Wednesday, the former television personality shared several photos of him hanging out with the teen — working on dirt bikes together, playing basketball, fishing. He captioned the post:

“They don’t understand our relationship but that’s fine, they don’t need to!”

See the post (below):

How old are some of these pics??

Anyway, here’s the deal…

Everyone knows a few pictures on social media do NOT tell the whole story of what’s going on behind the scenes! A couple of images of the pair smiling and having fun does not mean that David is not abusive. The fact he’s trying to prove anything this way feel pretty desperate for someone who supposedly doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

This man has a long track record of violence, as Jenelle previously accused him of physically attacking her to the point where he broke her collarbone. He also horrifically killed their family dog when it snapped at their daughter ONE TIME. He didn’t take it to a shelter, he slaughtered it. Read more about all that HERE.

So yeah, it’s not hard to believe the latest abuse accusations against him — no matter what weak defenses he or Jenelle are posting online.

But what are your thoughts? Let us know.

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