Drake Criticizes Security Guard For Slow Response to Stage Crasher

Drake took it easy on a fan who rushed the stage during his “It’s All a Blur” tour in Austin, TX — but had no mercy for the security guard taking his sweet time to remove the guy!!!

The fan managed to crash the Moody Center stage Monday night as Drake addressed the audience during his show, but was initially met with a cold shoulder push when he tried to get rewarded and dapped up.

You can’t blame Drizzy … in a dark-lit arena, it would be hard to tell if the guy’s friend or foe — ya never know until it’s too late!!!

Drake then agreed to shake the fan’s hand and openly questioned the venue’s vigilance… asking “Y’all not doing security???” as he led the fan off the stage.

A security guard eventually came up the stairs to the stage and removed the fan, but Drake noticed he lacked pep in his step and shamed him, calling him “slow as f***” for not getting on the job sooner.

It’s understandable why Drake would be on edge. Fans have been throwing crap at artists all year and Drake’s been a victim himself … if it wasn’t for his ninja-like reflexes, he would’ve been decked with a book last month!!!

He also revealed a new single from “For All the Dogs” this week … fun times ahead!!!

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