Jeff Brazier recalls heartbreaking story he told Bobby after Jade Goody died

In a poignant and emotionally charged performance on Saturday night's episode of Strictly Come Dancing, Bobby Brazier, son of TV presenter Jeff Brazier and the late reality star Jade Goody, paid tribute to his mother in a dance dedicated to her memory.

Bobby and his dance partner Dianne Buswell performed their couples choice routine to the song This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. Bobby's performance moved both the judges and the audience, telling a story of grief and loss through dance.

For his father, Jeff Brazier, it was a powerful moment, witnessing his son share a deeply personal experience with the nation. Jeff, who was in the audience, admitted to feeling nervous and apprehensive about Bobby publicly expressing his experience of loss.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, he explained: “I was nervous for him anyway, because you just are, but I was so apprehensive because Bobby hasn't necessarily shared his experience of loss publicly before.”

However, the routine turned out to be a beautiful and cathartic experience for Bobby. Jeff expressed how amazed he was to see his son translate the complexity of grief into a captivating and understandable performance. He acknowledged that grief is an ugly experience, but Bobby managed to turn it into something beautiful.

Jeff faced an unimaginably challenging task when he had to explain to his sons that their mother, Jade, had passed away. Jade had laid the groundwork by sharing a story with the boys, which involved Mummy “becoming a big bright star that they would be able to see in the sky”.

On the day of Jade's passing in March 2009, a serendipitous alignment occurred—a single star graced the sky. Jeff recounted the poignant moment, explaining “there were few words required — they knew who the star was”.

Reflecting on Saturday night's emotional Strictly Come Dancing routine by his son Bobby, dedicated to Jade's memory, Jeff shared his thoughts, explaining: “There was a point in the routine where Dianne [Buswell, Bobby's professional partner] was on Bobby's shoulder, and it really got to me.

“I saw her as Jade. I'm not sure whether the choreographer designed it as this, but what I saw was Jade on Bobby's shoulder. It's a lovely thought, isn't it, that when someone we love dies, they are still there, guiding us. We all need angels.'

The routine touched the judges, bringing some of them to tears. Jeff, too, found it overwhelming and had tears during the performance. The emotional moment was shared not only by the audience but also by fellow TV presenter Dan Walker, who passed a tissue to Jeff during the dance.

Jade Goody, a reality TV star, rose to fame on Big Brother in 2002, becoming one of the first reality megastars in the UK. Her life, marked by ups and downs, was widely followed by the public. Tragically, she passed away in 2009 after battling cervical cancer.

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