Scott Disick Says I'm 'Terrible' at Sex After Car Crash, Weight Gain and Back Pain

Scott Disick is still suffering from his 2022 car crash in a bunch of different ways … and it all adds up to making his sex life total crap.

Lord D opened up about the aftermath of his accident on Thursday’s episode of “The Kardashians” as Khloé Kardashian took him to see a doctor for his back pain — something he attributes to his Lamborghini rollover wreck last year near Calabasas.

The back pain isn’t all Scott says he’s still dealing with … he also says the accident led to some weight gain and all of it is directly affecting his sex life.

When the doc asks Scott what he’d usually do for fun before the crash, he says sex but admits he’s terrible at it now, thanks to a lack of mobility. Khloé’s no doctor, but she’s got some sorta bedside manner … because she asks Scott if he’ll be motivated to fix his pain so he can “get back on the wagon to f**k?”

Scott even jokingly suggests maybe once he’s all healed up, he and Khloé could test out his new back in the sack! Not surprisingly … Kourtney‘s sis refused to participate in that joke!

Scott Disick's Lamborghini Flipped

TMZ broke the story, Scott’s accident was a scary one … but thankfully, no one else was involved in the accident. Outwardly, he walked away with just a minor cut to his head, but obviously, there was more internal damage.

Scott later revealed he was going to pick up his son, Mason, when he turned the wheel a little too sharply and smacked into a pillar.

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